Sunday, October 23, 2016

Introduction to Archery Seminar Recap

Sharing knowledge with others is a passion of mine. What I mean is this, I love sharing what I have learned so that others may have more opportunity. On Saturday, I was privileged to be allowed to give an Introduction to Archery seminar at the Rancho Cucamonga Bass Pro Shops. I wasn’t sure how many would attend, but I am not in it for the numbers. I am in it to help others. It turned out to be a great Saturday.

The seminar attendees were of all ages. Some just starting out and some who had been archers many years ago and wanted to get back into it. As one who loves archery, I shared as much as I could in the hour I was up there. I covered everything from youth bows, to pro shops, and to becoming a proficient archer. There were some great questions and some that me thinking. One of which was where there were pro shops and archery ranges in the high desert. I was honest and let them know I wasn’t sure. My focus has normally been LA, OC, and Riverside Counties. For those, like Gary, that were asking, you may want to try High Desert Archery & Taxidermy, The Apple Valley Gun Club, or the Mojave Archers.

For those who stuck around and listened to me ramble on, thank you. For the young men I spoke with at the end, best of luck to you! I hope you are able to get out and shoot some bows, take some lessons, and enjoy it as much as I have. I warn you, it’s addicting once that first arrows flies, so enjoy!

My next Bass Pro seminar will be on November 5 at high noon. This one will be on hog hunting, so I anticipate a larger crowd. Arrive early to get a seat! I’ll cover things from weapons to use, where to look for pigs and pig sign, DIY vs. a Guided hunt, and meat care. Hope to see you there!

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