Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 California Big Game Hunting Digest!

Image provided by CA Fish and Wildlife

Time to do some reading and planning over the weekend. The coveted 2016 California Big Game Hunting Digest is out with updated information. There is continued information on harvest reporting and repeated information on lead free hunting. The license fees did not change this year. Licenses go on sale April 15, 2015 (but you must submit you choices by June 2 to be included in the draw) and I hope this give you time to really look them over.

Personal decisions must be made. How much time do you want to hunt vs. how much time will you have? Do you have the funds? If so, put in for a good tags or tags! Do you have children that will accompany you and will they be hunting? 

Don't wait and do not hesitate! Do your research, ask the biologists, and get those weapons ready to hunt! Do plenty of scouting, practice, and get those trail cameras up.

At the end of the day, YOU must ultimately decide. Not your buddies or what everyone tells you online. Review the options carefully and best of luck drawing that tag or tags!

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