Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Life is an Adventure, right?

My life has been incredibly good lately. It's been so filled with family, work, and hunting that I have neglected the blog for a few weeks. I love to write, but other things have taken over. That being said, I hope to have some more gear reviews up very soon as I have been field-testing some incredible gear. I have some coyote and pig hunts in the works, but mainly I want to get out, shoot my bow and meet people. I know of few of you faithful readers have contacted me and we have met up to scout or shoot our bows. I am really looking forward to doing that more this year. 

The ATA Show has come and gone and SHOT Show is going on right now. I hear great things through the grapevine about people, companies, and new gear. It's a fun time of year. We have the Fred Hall Show coming up locally in a couple months and I am sure there will be some great things happening there, too. Anyone headed out to it?

I am planning on participating in the San Gabriel Bighorn Sheep Survey this year, too. The tentative date is March 1, so put it on your calendars. If you want to meet some cool people and get to go on a rad hike, scout for sheep, and get some great pictures, this is for you.

I recently turned 40 and many have asked me if I feel old. No way! It's quite the opposite really. I feel great and feel like things get better every day. Midlife crisis? Ha! You won't find me buying a sports car on a whim. A truck perhaps, but a sports car? Nah! I feel like each new day brings new challenges and excitement. I can't wait to get out and hunt, fish, camp, and just be outside. Life is good!

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  1. Just wanted to say hi. Googled into your piece titled "Baptism in Southern California Deer Hunting" looking for insight on SoCal deer. Walking that same trail as an almost complete newbie. Really enjoyed poking around on your blog.