Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend Fun Ahead

Weekend projects I live for. I really do. I enjoy staying active and working with my hands. I have some fun little projects planned for this weekend in particular. Each and every 'planned' project involves the outdoors in some way.

My first order of business is making up two batches of jerky. I am drooling on my keyboard as I type this. The first batch will be some elk jerky and the second a mix of whitetail and mule deer. One is going to be a Hi-Country pepperoni flavor and the other sweet 'n spicy. I just haven't decided which one to do first and with what meat. I have some time as the meat thaws, but I am eager to do some taste testing. Who's with me?

If the weather stays right, I hope to get my daughter out fishing one of these mornings. I have a feeling she will be ecstatic when I ask her. We have some local ponds,  but they haven't been stocked in a long time. Could be due to the poaching tools that fill their buckets three times a day when they do stock it. I am going to switch tactics and hope I can get her on a catfish for her first fish. We shall see!

I also ordered my HHA Sports Speed Dial for my crossbow. It's the last piece to be put on before I sight it it. That'll be a fun one! I am itching to try it all out and shoot a little. It should arrive today!

My backup bow arrived this week, too. It's a previously owned Strother Wrath at 70#. Before I shoot it, I am waiting on my new strings from Piranha Bowstrings. Eddy is putting together a rad combo that will be awesome to shoot. Once those go on the bow, it'll be time to sight the bow in and fling some arrows! While I wait for the strings and cables, I plan on getting my HHA sight put on, along with my TightSpot quiver. All little pieces to the puzzle that make it fun!

I am sure there will be some biking, running, and then a cigar or three in there, too. I am sure those projects won't take too long. Then it'll be really nice to relax with the family and enjoy their company. It is going to be a great weekend.

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