Monday, April 21, 2014

Product Review: EasyGo Dispenser

In preparation for hunting this fall, I have been adding whey protein powder to my daily diet and forgoing the normal oatmeal. My muscles feel better and I get a chocolate shake for breakfast every day. Right on! Ever try making a protein shake in the morning before coffee? It can be a challenge. It's not too difficult when you have a blender and a big pint glass to pour the mega scoop of powder into. My issues have been when I am at work, on the go, or want to mix a protein shake and figuring out how to use that giant scoop with my small water bottle. That's where the EasyGo Dispenser comes in handy and this thing works great!

About the EasyGo Team: Blake, Tony, and Michael met while serving our country in the Illinois Army National Guard. All three were deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Blake and Tony were later deployed to Afghanistan.  While on deployment, the three friends realized there was no easy way to make an instant protein shake, a common source of nutrition for combat soldiers. What they really needed was something portable and convenient to store, carry, and dispense a pre-measured amount of protein powder. Upon returning home, the three veterans teamed up to develop the EGD Pro™ Dispenser. In discussing this with friends and family, they realized that not only did combat soldiers and fitness enthusiasts need this product, but anyone who used baby formula as well, and the EasyGo Baby™ was born.

Thank you gentlemen for your service.

After you put the EasyGo together (easy to follow directions are inside the bottle) and you are ready to use it, read the directions again. Rotate the knob a few times to be sure you have ample clearance and that it is working properly. I had a question on mine and the customer service at EasyGo was great. Blake was quick to respond to my email and help me out right away.

The EasyGo Dispenser is constructed out of a solid plastic and feels very tough. I haven't dropped it, nor do I plan to, but I'll bet this could handle a drop or two. I don't recommend doing that though! The stickers that show the directions are on the bottle and they leave a little to be desired. The peel off pretty quickly and could use a bit more to keep them adhered. With that being said, after you use the EasyGo Dispenser a few times you really don't need to have them on there any longer, plus the stickers aren't what makes the EasyGo work.

The EasyGo Dispenser allows you to use the giant scoop to pour in about 4-5 servings of protein powder, which is great for athletes on the go. The label says six servings, but that all depends on the powder you use and the measuring scoop. I found it to be less than five servings for the whey powder I use. You fill up the bottom receptacle and then can take it on the go. Just don't add water to the actual container. It's only meant to carry and measure out protein powder. It is not a drinking apparatus. After you fill it for the first time, be sure to use it to fill up your measuring scoop to be certain how many times you have to rotate to get the desired result.

I really like how this eliminates any need for a funnel of any kind. In my case, it was usually a piece of paper, rolled into a funnel to fit the desired width of the bottle opening. I usually ended up having powder fall onto my desk, table or get stuck to the paper. What a waste!
The pouring end fit inside every water bottle I have tried. It's made to fit inside a small water bottle and it works great. I had no issues and was very happy with how it fit inside each bottle I tried.

The EasyGo Dispenser makes getting your protein very efficient, easy to carry, and provides far less mess than the other routes.
At $19.99, plus shipping and tax, it's an investment that isn't for everyone, but if you are serious about your fitness goals and getting enough protein each day, this works great.


  1. This is great. It would be good for those days when my blender bottles are all dirty. Thanks for the share and review.

    1. You bet, Nate. This works really well and I use it at home and at work. I really like having it at work because then i don't have to keep a giant tub of whey powder on my desk.