Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Showing Some Love to my SoCal Hunting Buddies

Recently, I shared some hunt success from the East Coast and now it's about time to share the West Coast version. Some of my hunting buddies have been putting in a great deal of time and effort to kill some deer and pigs this year and have met with great success!

Tony Catalde - The Bearded Boar - killed this beauty of a blacktail a couple weeks ago on the last day of the season with one, well-placed arrow. Tony and his family live off the land and he's a great guy to get to know and follow. He does some great things for the hunting and fishing industry and is a great cook (from what I read and see). Here's is his brief recap of his hunt:

Arrowed this Blacktail at 30 yards. He went another 15 and laid down, after a long and hard season I'm finally glad deer season is over. I can focus on bears and pigs finally. And make a lot of Jerky and Venison dishes. Love the life.

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Cody Scott hiked a long way into unit D14 and camped overnight in hopes of finding a mule deer. The next day he put the crosshairs on this magnificent mule deer buck. Cody hauled this animal out on his own and by the size of that animal I'll bet it was a chore. Cody is a big dude and that animal is rather large to say the least. That is a great buck for D14! Way to go Cody!

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Chris Turgeon and a buddy hit some SoCal public land in search of some feral pigs recently. Chris is a pig killing machine and when he found a sounder near his hunting spot, they set up and were able to kill two fine eating pigs. Here is Chris with his trophy! The smile says it all!

Great job men! I am super stoked for these guys as they are some of the hardest working hunters I know. Plus, they are all family men who hunt in California. I am proud to call them my friends and can't wait to hear some new stories of their adventures!


  1. You're too much Al! Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement, you've giving me over the years. Means a lot. You're a good man, and a friend to have.