Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Archery Bug - Is There a Cure?

Anyone who gets a chance to chat with me knows how much I love archery, heck I have loved it for decades. While recurves and traditional bows are interesting, I love the mechanics behind compound bows. I love the physics behind the flight of an arrow, and I love talking archery gear. There is something I find very mystical in the way archery has developed over the years and how awesome it truly is. Honestly, I could sit and talk archery for days.

Earlier this year, I began exchanging tweets with actor and celebrity chef, Dean McDermott about his involvement with archery and target shooting. He shared how he had been bitten by the archery bug back in school and he wanted to get back into it. He said he was fascinated by how much bows have changed since his school days. Basically, he wanted to take it back up as he had a lot of fun and wanted advice on a quality target bow. I mentioned a few of the target bows, but shared that I really like the Pro Series bows from PSE Archery, having had the experience of shooting them. He asked what I was shooting and what I would recommend for him. Being 6' 3" tall, I figured he would get more enjoyment out of a forgiving bow and after some lengthy discussion that a PSE Vendetta DC would fit his frame well. I shoot a PSE DNA, but with only a 6" brace height it wouldn't be as forgiving, but I have been shooting for 30 years and I am only 5' 10". The 7" brace height of the Vendetta DC would be much better.

Now I won't lie, I knew of Dean from his acting and family life, but I followed him on Twitter because he seemed like a great dad, a down-to-Earth guy, blogger, and he loves to cook. It just happens that I love to eat, love being a dad and I watched a few TV shows where he shared some of his recipes and I about chewed the remote to a nub they looked so good. I mean come on, the guy won 'Rachel vs. Guy: Celbrity Cook Off, Season 2' and busts his butt for his charities. What's not to like? I still have to try the skirt steak recipe he created.

Long story short, we discussed the best options and I helped him choose the proper gear he would need to begin target practicing. We got it all ordered up and I got everything set up for him, beside cutting his arrows. (I always like to wait until I can actually measure someone up to get the proper arrow length for how they want to shoot.) That was back in March and about the time when our schedules went a bit haywire. We both had prior obligations and wouldn't have a chance to meet up for a while. Dean was off filming a new TV show and I had obligations of my own with work, writing, and hunting.

Fast forward seven months or so and our schedules finally coincided. We set a time and place to meet so I could give him his brand new PSE Vendetta DC.  We met up, shook hands, and then I handed Dean his new bow. The look in Dean's eyes said it all, he was stoked! We talked about the specifics of the bow and target archery for nearly an hour. Then we decided we really needed to get together and target practice very soon. I think once we get his arrows cut to length and he learns the proper form, he is going to love shooting that PSE. 

Like I mentioned earlier, he's a great guy and is very enthusiastic. As he is getting back into archery, I am eager to hear his thoughts on the PSE Vendetta DC and what gear he wants to try out. Heck, maybe I can teach him a few archery tips and he can share a few of his cooking tips. Keep an eye on the blog for some future meet ups and see how Dean progresses. I have mentioned before that I love bringing new people into archery and that I always learn something new from the experience. I am sure I will learn a few things along the way and I hope Dean grows to love archery as much as I do.

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