Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Hog Hunt Recap

If you followed my tweets last Friday, you would know I ventured out on public land in search of the ever elusive feral pig. The day seemed to drag on as I could not get hunting out of my brain! Once I was out of the office, I met up with my buddy Chris and we hit the road.

Some close range practice the night before. (Sorry for the crappy pic.)

After getting stuck in Friday traffic we made it to our spot and set up. The blind was between a bedding area and a feeding area, so we were attempting to intercept them. There were plenty of tracks going to and fro, so we figured it would be a good set up. The full moon played with us though.

As shooting light waned, we put our bows away and began quietly packing up. As Chris packed up the blind, the trees in front of us erupted with the sounds hoof prints and squealing. The pigs had indeed been traveling from the bedding to their food source, but had stopped before crossing where we anticipated them to go. We figure they either spotted us or were waiting to cross after the moon had risen. Either way, we didn't release any arrows, but our hearts were pounding after they took off!

We know we have a good area to hunt them, but have to give it some time to allow them to settle down. It was an exciting evening hunt!


  1. You found hogs on public land. That's an accomplishment in itself!

    I never was a fan of hunting from a blind on public land, as the amount of open ground encourages me to go find the animals instead of waiting for them to come to me. However, if you've truly found a major thoroughfare, a blind setup could pay off if you can hunt it regularly enough.

    Good luck next trip! Become one of the CA elite who has taken a hog on public land with archery tackle!

    1. I found the pigs with much help from a friend who has been hunting them for years. He had located some on a recent trip and did much of the scouting. I owe him big time.

      The blind set up is a test really. We want to try to keep our scent down and movement to a minimum. Plus, with the way the bugs love human flesh, we can hang our ThermaCell and keep them at bay.

      I hope to get out next week if I can. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hi I know this is off topic but just wanted to get your opinion..would you recommend pse coyote recurve bow for hunting, for a beginner? And also would you recommend pse wolverine for a beginner lady?

    1. @Anonymous - The PSE Coyote would be a good bow to shoot beginner or not. The key is to shoot it and see if it fits you personally. If you have an opportunity to shoot before you buy then I highly recommend doing that.

      The PSE Wolverine is a good bow (same recommendation as above) and it is designed for people with smaller hands, making it ideal for some women, but mainly for young archers. I would have the person looking to use it to go to a pro shop and shoot it first. Be sure it will actually fit her hand. Best of luck and happy shooting!