Monday, April 15, 2013

First Impressions: HHA Optimizer DS-5519 Single-Pin Archery Sight

A full review is in the works, but I couldn't wait to share my first impressions of the HHA Optimizer DS-5519 from HHA Sports. Out of the box you could truly see how having more fiber optics really helped the pin glow. The directions were easy to follow and assembly was a snap. Before long I had it mounted to my bow and was ready to shoot. 

Digressing a bit, I am optically challenged. As a bowhunter who must wear glasses I need an archery sight that will work with me and not against me. For the past two years I have been shooting a 7-pin archery sight that quite honestly I like, but half of my sight window was cluttered up with seven sight pins. Not only was my sight window halved, but I also had to remember which pin was needed for each yardage. The reason I mention this is because I had the 7-pin sight on two different bows and one bow is much faster than the other. This resulted in different yardages for the same pin set up on each bow. It was frustrating.

Personally, I felt the need to improve my shooting and tighten up my arrow groups so I began my search for a new sight. Through the course of researching other outdoor gear I met David Diekmann, who just happens to be the sales rep for HHA Sports in California and Nevada. He introduced me to the HHA Sports sights and more specific the Optimizer Sighting Systems. I was intrigued! After my conversation with Dave, I then spent some time chatting with HHA National Sales Manager Chris Hamm. Never pushy, but full of information and know-how, Chris answered all of my questions and gave me some great tips on utilizing the Optimizer Lite Ultra Series DS-5519 sight for Western hunting. I knew the Optimizer was going to be worth a field test. 

The range was packed this past Saturday morning, but I was able to find a target that just happened to be next to a fellow bowhunter. Then the sighting in and adjustments started. It wasn't long before I was dialed in and feeling very confident in my shooting.

I am definitely impressed with how much more sight window I have and how I can focus better on my target using a single-pin. Now I am ready to get back out to the range and do some follow-up shooting with a rested arm and plenty of time to shoot.  I believe this sight is going to be a game changer for me this year.


  1. Good review, Al! Anxious to see how it works in a hunting setting with having to adjust the yardage dial.

  2. Bought the HHA single pin sight before the 2013 season, and cannot say enough good comments about it:
    Very well made
    Extremely accurate at any yardage ( I sighted to 20 and 60, any yardage in between is dead on)
    Super bright pin
    Single pin does not obstruct your field of view and can be adjusted to different yardage in a blink of an eye
    Outstanding customer service

    If you're a serious bot hunter, you can't live without this sight!