Friday, April 12, 2013

Badlands Adds Newest Pro Staff Member

It's an honor and a privilege to announce that I have been added to the Badlands Pro Staff for 2013! For the past couple years I have been utilizing Badlands packs like the 2200, Hybrid and Sacrifice and putting them through countless trials. Between the pre-season scouting and long hunting seasons my packs have logged many miles in the field and at the archery range. They are reliable, durable and Badlands has the best warranty in the business. How reliable and durable? I used my 2200 for nine straight months hauling bags of sand while training for my Colorado elk hunt. Then I used it to carry my elk up and down the mountains last year and it was on my back on nearly every deer hunt in the Fall 2011 and 2012 seasons.  It has taken a beating in the sun, sand, snow, and rain. It is my go-to pack!

The 2200 on my Colorado elk hunt last year.

After I became hooked on the quality of the packs, I turned a few guys here in the Southland on to Badlands and they also swear by them. Not many days go by when people at the range or during a seminar don't stop to ask what pack I am using and why I like it so much. I am also sporting the Badlands Binocular Chest Pack and love it. Surely, the new Bino-X pack will be great as well! When a company wins seven consecutive gold awards by the readers of Bowhunting World you know they are legit.

The Badlands Hybrid is an exceptional day pack.
Not only will I be able to represent a great company with their older packs like my 2200 and Hybrid, but I will also be sharing about the new lightweight packs hitting the market this year. These lightweight packs will be a hit for SoCal hunters due to the long hikes we endure to get to our favorite hunting spots. I am looking forward to the redesigned 2200 that is a full pound lighter than the previous version. I will also be reviewing some of their apparel aiming the review at the warmer temperatures of Southern California.

Want to check out the Badlands line? Check and see if one of these fine dealers has what you want to see. If they are too far of a drive or you want to meet up at the El Dorado Park archery range in Long Beach, CA just shoot me an email. I'd be happy to share my experiences and let you see why Badlands is my pack of choice.


  1. Congrats Al! Looks like you are taking off with everything lately! Hard work does that to a person!

    1. Thanks, Dustin! Patience and hard work do pay off. I love my Badlands packs.