Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 California Big Game Hunting Digest - Missing Information

A couple weeks ago the California Department of Fish and Wildlife came out with the 2013 CA Big Game Hunting Digest. I downloaded it immediately and quickly scanning through it. I tweeted about it when I received a Twitter message from HuntinDave @SD_9erzfan asking if I had seen the new deer harvest reports. He mentioned the lack of one particular column. I hadn't looked close enough, so when I did I saw he was right!

This is what we saw when we started looking at the reporting sections. 

Here are the 2011 numbers (note the columns in black)...

It seems odd that the total buck harvest numbers are missing for the latest harvest reports published in the 2013 catalog. Even one of the CA DFW biologists noticed that column was left out. Interesting that one column that could really help the deer hunters for applying for tags was left out. Was it done on purpose or inadvertently? I am not sure, but it sure would help us out. CA DFW do you guys have that data and will you be sharing it?

Anyway, Dave went to his local DFW branch in San Diego and mentioned the error. They said they would contact Sacramento and let them know. Where it goes from their is beyond us, but we both hope it was just an oversight on their part. I would hope they could update that column and publish the digital version once again with all of the data.

Great tweet from HuntinDave to me yesterday:

'They need to produce the numbers one way or another. Especially since they hold everyone hostage with premium deer zones and draws.'

I totally agree with him. I can't say it any better.

I also noticed that two of the primary Either-Sex units are now listed as Premium tags. Yes, the A22 (which was UNRESTRICTED in 2012) and A31 (was a restricted tag in 2012) tags are no longer so easy to get. Nope. Now you have to apply to get it. For those who don't know, we Californians cannot shoot a doe with a rifle or shotgun. You can't kill a doe during the rifle or bow season UNLESS you have an either-sex tag for archery. So now things are a bit more challenging. Don't have points built up? Good luck! How did they come to this action? Well, the tags sold out before (quota filled) before July 1, 2012. It seems like the guys who get to the DFW office or buy their tags online and do it early are being punished. What's up with that? So because we do our homework, buy our tags right when they go on sale because we hunt with archery tackle we get punished? Yeah, I don't see the logic in that. I seriously do not understand how an unrestricted tag in 2012 can jump to a premium tag in one year with no warning. 

Looks like I am going to be putting in for a different zone this year and keep my fingers crossed, find a 4-leaf clover, make a wish on a star and pray. I would love to hear what my fellow California bowhunters think about this new tactic.

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