Thursday, March 28, 2013

Product Review: MyTopo Custom Topos and Aerial Maps

While a GPS is an essential tool in my kit, I also want to have a map I can refer to that does not need batteries to function. Through the North American Hunting Club and their StuffStuff program, I was given the opportunity to test out the MyTopo mapping system.  I tested out two different maps from two different areas. I ordered a waterproof folded topographical map and also a waterproof rolled topographical map. You can also order aerial photos of the areas if you'd like.

The MyTopo mapping service worked extremely well. You can search for a particular location or you can upload a GPX file from you GPS system. Pretty handy if you want a specified map of a place you have been researching and scouting. I opted to do a grid search through the website of a hunting spot I frequent. I also added the Public Land Boundaries feature for an extra $5.00. This was well worth the extra money in my opinion, but keep in mind that these borders can change in a moments notice.

I would recommend the folding maps over the rolled maps because they pack better and are very easy to use. The rolled maps are great to hang in the hunting cabin or man cave, but not practical when hunting. The waterproofing is great, too! A definite must for anyone hunting vast areas in different weather patterns. Plus, the shipping is much lower on one of the folded maps.

I utilized the 24" x 36" folded map on numerous occasions during the latter part of the 2012 hunting seasons. They fit well into my pack and also took a beating. The material that is used is tough and built like a thin plastic. I sprayed it down with water and it held true - no ink smearing or running and it dried quickly. 

After countless opening and folding, packing and unpacking the map held up very well and looks practically new. The 24" x 36" folded map with the public land feature costs $19.95. Shipping was fast and the map came well protected. If it's an area you are going to hunt often the need for a map from MyTopo outweighs the cost considerably. I will be using my topo map from MyTopo this year and probably ordering another for a different area. Money well spent in my opinion!


  1. This sounds like it could meet my topo map addiction. I like to have maps as a study aid, a back up, and a conversation starter.
    I think the folding one does sound best.

  2. Thank you for this great review! We appreciate your taking the time to let your readers know about our maps. Here's a direct link to the service: In addition to custom topos and aerials, we also provide hunting unit maps and traditional USGS quads, and options to overlay hunting boundaries, US Forest Service Roads, public land boundaries on the custom-centered topo, aerial and hybrid maps. And, we provide mapping software and mobile phone apps. Let us know if we can help you or your readers with their mapping needs. I have posted your review on our facebook page at Again, thank you. Paige Darden, MyTopo.

  3. My pleasure, Paige. I really like the quality of the maps and will be purchasing a couple more this year.