Thursday, January 17, 2013

Product Review: Button Buck - Kid's Outdoor Apparel

Being a dad is one of the best things I have ever been blessed with. Sure, it's not easy, but everything I do I work hard for and I work hard to be a good dad. As I live in a house of only girls who like to do girly things, I love it when my daughter, Riley, takes an interest in something I love like bowhunting or hiking or doing gear reviews (yes, I said gear reviews because she does like to help). When Button Buck contacted me to do a review, you can imagine my daughters excitement. The funny thing is, we decided on t-shirts for her seeing as we live in Southern California. Seeing as it is usually scorching hot I thought it would be perfect. Little did I know that we'd get hit with the coldest Winter I have encountered out here. It's nothing like the Winters in NY state, but when it hits 34 degrees and my wife's truck thermometer reads 'ICE', well, you know it's cold out here!

Out of the box the two shirts looked and felt great, and I knew Riley would love them. One is pink and the other purple so how could she not like the colors. When I showed them to her she immediately wanted to put one on and check herself out in the mirror. I explained what each shirt had on it (the pink has a button buck) and she quickly reminded me that she already knew what a deer looked like. Ha!!

My daughter was in love with her new shirt!

On one of our warmer days, I took Riley to our local nature center to photograph her in the shirts. She wanted to wear the purple 'Suction Cup Archery Association Champion' shirt first and I thought it fit perfectly. I asked her how she thought it fit (she's four) and she said 'OK' (translation: good). I asked her what she thought of the feel and she said it was soft and this was great for me to hear. I find that many shirts she wears are way too form fitting or too tight. Plus, the tags can be a bother for my little one. These tees have a screen printed tag to prevent itching. Great thinking by the folks at Button Buck!

When it came time to take some photos she was more than excited to run around and show off. The shirts leave plenty of room for flexibility and room for her to grow. Plus, they seem very durable and well made. Again, kudos to Button Buck!

Overall, I am very happy with the shirts and how well they fit. My daughter said she was also happy. Personally, I like what the company stands for and how they are promoting kids being outdoors. I am happy to see the tees have a little longer cut so my daughter can grow into them and wear them a bit longer than many of her other shirts. The pricing is reasonable at $19.99 for a BB tee. Brad and Lauren Christian at Button Buck are doing a great job of spreading the word about hunting and the outdoors with their catchy slogans and great craftsmanship. You can't go wrong with their clothing and your kids will thank you. Mine did!

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  1. Al, as I don't have little ones, this is a great gift idea. You have my vote for CA father of the year.

    1. Thanks, John. I am certainly no father of the year, but I do try my hardest and love my little girl.

  2. Al, as I don't have little ones, this is a great gift idea. You have my vote for CA father of the year.

  3. Like you said, it is great when a companies mission is to promote kids being in the outdoors.