Sunday, September 9, 2012

The SoCal Bowhunter Joins the PSE Archery Blogging Staff

It's been in the works for a while, but today I get to finally share it! PSE Archery (Precision Shooting Equipment) has asked me to be part of their blogging staff. Not only me, but also some other excellent bloggers with a passion for bowhunting. The PSE Archery blog will have some great articles from us and the rest of the PSE staff. You can read the PSE press release here.

The other PSE staff bloggers many of you already know!

Emily Anderson - From the Draw
Pedro Ampuero - Adventurous Bowhunter
Jared Bloomgren - PSE Blog
Will Jenkins - The Will to Hunt
Dustin Jones - High Country Bowhunter
Ainsley Beeman
and... ME! - The SoCal Bowhunter

Shooting a PSE compound bow for the past few years has been a blessing for me and I love how it performs. Some of the things I'll be sharing hunts, family involvement, and tips for the average bowhunter. You can read my first post over on the PSE blog here.

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