Monday, July 23, 2012

New Meaning to the Term "Weekend Warrior"

To me, being a weekend warrior used to be someone who went out and just filled up their weekend with the things they couldn't get to do during the work week. Things like hunting hard all weekend from dawn until dusk or punishing your body by playing rugby all day Saturday and recovering on Sunday. How times have changed for me! Now it's filled with being a good husband and a good dad, target practice, and honey-do's. There isn't a moment left empty, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My weekend started out great. My daughter and I practiced casting and reeling with her new fishing pole. Practicing patience with your kids is KEY for their success and I was sure to show Riley plenty of that. She got frustrated a few times, which was to be expected. That frustration didn't last long though. Before long she had the look of determination and the 'I can do it myself!' spouting from her lips. So do it herself she did! I let her try it out and when she got frustrated I helped her out. It was such a proud moment for me to be able to share that experience. We both enjoyed it and now she's begging to go fishing. Love it!

The days flew by as I took my new Schnee's Wilderness hunting boots out to my shop (a.k.a. the garage) and proceeded to liberally rub wax into the leather. I'll have an in depth review of the boots after my Colorado elk hunt, but I am first breaking these boots in and thought it'd be nice to share some tidbits of information. I spoke with the fine folks at Schnee's and while they informed me the Wilderness boots are already waterproof, caring for the leather will certainly make them last longer. So I spent a good part of Saturday evening doing just that by working in some Nikwax (provided by Schnee's). I want these boots to last a long time and SoCal heat will not be kind to them, so I must!

The highlight of my weekend was born out of my own frustration. If you'll remember, on Friday I posted about how frustrated I was when I went to the pro shop and we couldn't figure out the issue with my string. I went home and realized the peep was the factor. It was off. I did not want to the pro shop, wait for them to fix it and then charge me a lot more than I wanted to spend. Instead, I vowed to do it myself. Sure, it might take me a bit longer, but what I wanted to get it right. After removing the serving around the peep, lowering the peep and reserving it I was ecstatic! I had not only put it exactly where I needed to, I saved myself some money and had learned a valuable lesson. I immediately went to the range and adjusted my IQ Bow Sight to my adjusted peep. A few minutes later I was plugging bullseyes and it felt fan-freakin-tastic!See that duct tape in the above picture? There are actually five arrows in there. My PSE drove one through the center like a nail gun. I didn't feel like losing any arrows and decided to shoot along that edge to be certain of that. I still came close to having to spend some money on a couple arrows though!

This weekend was full of entertainment, hard work and positivity. Patience, review and determination lead to a great feeling of accomplishment and I can't wait to see what this week brings. I hope your weekend was as productive and as positive as mine!


  1. I can relate on so many levels! I spent the weekend doing some trim work, painting, and installing a new mail box. It feels good to check things off the honey-do list before hunting season starts. Of course there was a bunch of fun with the kiddos, and then some shooting with @HuntingFreakz. Life is good!

    1. I hear that, Mark. Spent lots of time running around, cleaning up and spending time with the family. Fit in some fun stuff, too, but it was a busy one. Good to hear you got some shooting in, too!

  2. Definately a great weekend. Hit the Bass Pro in Myrtle Beach, SC and picked up a fish point I needed for the coming shark trip. Took the youngest to the pool at the condo for a bit. Then headed over to Hooter's the next day with my oldest son and nephew (my nephew's first trip to the fine restaurant!). Headed back to Bass Pro once more and found the steel leader I will be using for the shark bowfishing arrow setup.

    Then...carried my oldest and my nephew on their first party boat trip, catching 18 sea bass!