Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am a Bowfishing Virgin

In Southern California, there are plenty of carp-filled lakes, and many of them will allow you to bowfish for them. One of the hotspots is Big Bear Lake and in a couple of weeks they will be having their Carp Roundup where teams of two will be able to go out, either by shore or by boat, and try to arrow some carp for prize money. Some of the guys have participated and said it's a blast. Up to this point I have never tried it, but this year I wanted to give it a shot. After talking with avid bowfishermen like Bill Howard and Tony Catalde, my thirst to arrow a fish has grown.

When I arrived home yesterday there was a box waiting for me and I had a feeling I knew what it was. After carefully cutting the seam of tape, I opened the box to reveal these bad boys. Two new bowfishing kits from Cajun Archery

Bowfishing kits from Cajun Archery that have me very excited!

One of the kits is for me to review and the other I am sharing with my buddy Brett who is going to take me out bowfishing soon. You see, I am a bowfishing virgin. Brett has gone bowfishing, but I have never even tried it. He's going to put me in a spot where we should have a blast. We won't be fishing in the Carp Roundup, but we definitely plan on heading up there a couple weeks after. I am looking forward to the day when a group of us can all get out and do some local bowfishing. Another great trip would be bowfishing for alligator gar with Bill in Texas. See, now my imagination os growing and I haven't even been out yet!

Now it's time to get on over to the pro shop and get my new Piranha strings installed on my bowfishing rig, set it up with the Cajun Archery gear and go bowfishing!


  1. I'm in the same boat Al. I've never gone bowfishing and I am looking forward to getting out this summer. There are several reservoirs around that have an abundance of carp that need some arrows in. I have the same kit for my PSE KingFisher. Excited to hear how it turns out for you.

  2. Good stuff Al, it's hard to believe but shooting carp is as addicting as perusing big game. It consumes you, have fun with that I was thinking about going this year but we will see. Cheers.

  3. Good to hear that your blood still is flowing, and the adrenaline will kick in. Enjoy life, it is amazing--so always keep your eyes open for fun.

  4. So pumped to see how you do! I've been on the fence forever about getting a set up, and you know where I live, it be worth it. I look forward to seeing the pics & hearing your thoughts.

  5. Well, you will definately have something to do other than dream about deer and elk after you fling that first arrow in the water! Aim LOW! That is your key. Other than that, have fun!

    Now, we still have to get this whole alligator gar thing figured out for you!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I am super excited to give it a go. I'll be the redneck who gets a carp mounted for my game room.

  7. Same here, looking for an inexpensive bow right now to set up for bowfishing.

  8. It's addicting. Buy an AMS Pro Retriever. You'll save yourself some despair.

    Best of luck!!!

  9. Hey, I just came across this post and I am hoping to go bow fishing as well--also a newbie to it. I have a bow and I am in the process of picking out a bow fishing setup. It seems like there are a lot of people that want to bowfish but don't know how. I think it would be great for us SoCal people to have a meetup one weekend and go out together--Big Bear Lake or whatever...

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Jen. A meet up would be great in the early summer.

  10. So how did uou do? I always go the first week in june,the east end is best.