Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bass Pro Shops Seminar: Advanced Turkey Hunting Techniques
With less than two weeks before the Spring opener for turkey here in SoCal, I will be giving another seminar this Saturday at 1 PM at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga. I have had a few people email me regarding some topic discussion which is great. Thanks for the feedback guys! I will work those into the seminar.

Topics to be discussed: 
  • Preparing for the hunt
  • Scouting (locating the birds) 
  • Calling (choosing the right call)
  • Tactics: What to do when the tom won’t come in and decoy placement.
Video screen grab from last year, one week before the season started.

I hope to see you guys out there! I'll be there early if you have questions or want to chat about other hunting whether it be deer, bear, hogs or just getting out in the woods.

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