Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CA Fish & Game Commission President, Dan Richards Needs Our Support!
In case you guys hadn't heard, California Fish & Game Commission President, Dan Richards is under fire and legislators are trying to remove him from office. I blogged about it last week.

Phillip, who writes the Hog Blog, posted about this earlier today. The action info was borrowed from his blog. I highly recommend reading his post. We are both up in arms about this political BS that affects so many hunters. Neither one of us dreams of getting into politics, and hardly ever comment on this sort of thing, but when it comes to matters of California and hunting we are full bore.

President Richards is being hung out to dry for going on a successful (and completely LEGAL) out of state mountain lion hunt. He speaks out for our rights as hunters and he is being attacked. You need to go show your support if you care anything about your hunting rights. Imagine the alternative and he is removed from office and some tree-hugging, anti fills that seat. What do you think will happen then?

Some comments I have seen say that mountain lions are endangered - they are NOT endangered. Another said the mountain lion was fenced in. Completely false. The press is feeding the people of California slighted information because there is an agenda there.

Dan Richards needs our support and here's how you and I can help.

California Sportsmen: Pro-Hunting Commissioner’s Position in Jeopardy Anti-hunting groups are trying to force pro-sportsmen, pro-hunting Commissioner Dan Richards off the California Fish & Game Commission. Why? Because he legally took a mountain lion during a hunt in Idaho. 

A. Attend March 7 Commission meeting in Riverside, Calif., and speak in support of Commissioner Richards. The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa San Diego Room1 3649 Mission Inn Avenue Riverside 8:30AM 

B. Contact your Assemblymember and Senator and tell them to support Commissioner Richards.  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html 

C. Contact Gov. Brown 916-445-2841 and tell him you support Commissioner Richards. 

D. Contact the California Fish & Game Commission 916-653-4899 and support Commissioner Richards. 

Act today. Under state law, any fish and game commissioner can be removed by a simple majority vote in both houses of the state Legislature. 

Currently 40 of the 80 members of the Assembly are calling for Richards to resign. This could easily tip the balance of power on the Commission into the hands of anti-hunting extremists.   Show your support for Commissioner Richards today!

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