Friday, January 20, 2012

SoCal Bowhunter Gear Giveaway Time!
Who out there wants to win some new gear for 2012? One of my most essential tools in my kit is one that many don't have or don't think about. The tool I am referring to is my set of Allen wrenches. Sure they sell these for around $10.00 at most hunting retailers, but why not win one from the SoCal Bowhunter?

Who wants to win one of these Allen wrench sets?

I am feeling generous today, so I will be giving two (2) of these away. That's right... TWO!  

How do I get into the contest, Al? Well, I am going to make you work a little for it, but in a fun way. I want you to create a photo montage, funny ad, or interesting design using the photos below. I want you to get creative and fun... AT MY EXPENSE!

The Catch: You have to use at least two (2) of the photos in your compilation. 

Choose to edit any two or all of them together, or add your own interpretation. Feel free to add your own photos, too. (NOTE: You must have permission to use any other photos or elements you add to your design). Whatever you feel you want to do! Let's keep it PG, but have some fun! Add some fun text or a caption to the photo you edit.

Each person can enter up to three (3) photos.

The great thing about this contest is that it's open to everyone. You don't have to follow my blog, or the SoCal Bowhunter Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter. You just have workup an image or two or three and email them to me. Be sure to put this in the subject line of your email - "SoCal Bowhunter Allen Wrench Giveaway Entry". Otherwise it might end up in spam and never be seen.

Also... they don't have to be perfect! I am not looking for award-winning design here and you are not going to be judged on how well you know Photoshop. Honestly, I don't care what program you use, I just want to laugh or see how creative you get.

You have until 9:00 PM PST on February 1, 2012 to email me your entries. I will choose two (2) winners on Groundhog Day. That's February 2, 2012 for those who don't know. That means you have over a week to come up with some of your best photo manipulations, captions, ads, etc. I will post the two winning images on Friday, February 3rd. Best of luck! 

Download the photos below. Click them to make them larger and then right click>Save Image As...

In my heavier days.

Flinging some arrows.

Blue steel?


Monster Cali deer.

No fear whatsoever.

Disclaimer: Open to USA and Canada only. Giveaway ends at 9:00 PM PST on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. I will ship the wrench sets out after the winners have been chosen and they have provided me a mailing address. I am in no way liable for any emails sent to the wrong address or that are not delivered to me. No more than three entries per person. Any more than three will disqualify you from the contest.

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