Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magazine Review: Bow and Arrow Hunting
Throughout the year, I can never seem to get enough reading material when it comes to hunting. I get a few magazines, read multiple online articles and I also belong to a few forums. The challenge that I continually find is finding a magazine that is a down-to-earth hunting mag. One that I can read and realize that I understand the content and feel that the hunts in the magazine are hunts that even I can do. 

Most of the magazines I come across, I browse through rapidly because they are dedicated to strictly whitetails. They focus on Eastern to Mid-west style hunting. As a country boy who was raised in western New York, I appreciate hunting the whitetail. In fact, I love hunting whitetails. I also love hunting lots of OTHER big game animals. Most of these hunting mags focus on treestand hunting, hunting different weather patterns and all of the gear you need for a successful hunt. Now, I love a good gear box full of new gadgets, but I really want to read about good, quality DIY, on your own style hunts where you don't hire an outfitter. That's just me, and from the guys and gals that I talk with it's what most of us want. Weather? Sure, learn to play it, but if you are like me you'll go hunting in just about any type of weather. When it comes to treestands, sure I like hunting out of them, too, but being a western transplant, I spend most of my time spot-n-stalk hunting my quarry.

So what's a guy to do when he wants good reading material that suits many different styles of hunting and isn't always trying to throw popular, big game names in your face? Luckily for me, I found Bow & Arrow Hunting magazine.

Bow & Arrow Hunting is a dialed-in, focused on archery hunting magazine with a put your feet up next to the firepit with a cold beer and swap stories feel.

Quality reading material for ANY bowhunter.

You'll find bloggers who get their article in the mag, too. The Weekend Bowhunter, Zack Walton is one of them. Here's one of his recent articles he wrote on mule deer hunting.

Another exciting tidbit is that a couple of my friends are soon to be published in the magazine. I am super stoked for them as they have worked hard at what they do. If you pick up the December issue, check out the article on Arizona OTC Mule Deer hunting by owner and Redhead Pro Staff member, Eric Welsh. It is sure to be a very informative read! Congratulations, Eric.

For $4.99 you get a great magazine chock full of information, good stories and a wealth of knowledge. I don't read too many magazines that often, but this is one that I truly enjoy. Pick one up and let me know what YOU think of it.


  1. That's what I'm talking about. I've been looking for something like this one. Glad you reviewed it, I've picked it up before but set it back, mostly due to the heavy white tail action on previous covers. It can be hard to find reading about blue coller style hunts, and hunting. I'll have to give it a second look for sure.