Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Season vs. This Season
Scouting for black bear and pacific-hybrid deer is about to begin for me. I plan on hitting the forests in the next few weeks to put up trail cams, glass for animals and check for sign. I am stoked because I normally wait a little longer or have to search out more areas. This year I have my bear and deer spots set and I am ready to scout. I am also ready to do a lot more hiking. Check out these photos from September of last year to June of this year. I am now forty-seven pounds lighter and ready to hit the trails.

What a difference a year makes!
One of my goals is to do more hiking on hunts and this should be a good start. My other goal is to go on an elk hunt this fall. So far it is still in the cards and I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. The only difference I am seeing is a little more gray in your beard.. Haha..

    Just playing around, but really congrats man! You deserve it! I know how hard it is to shed those pounds and keep them off. In the end it really helps with everything from hunting to life in general.. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Wow, Al...what a change! You look great, and I am sure that you will feel great when you hit those CA mountains in search of your intended game. Congratulations on making that life change!

  3. Great job on the weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle. There's a point we all reach when sitting back and letting good genes do all the work for us doesn't fly anymore.

    Good luck scouting. Should be a banner year.

  4. Congrats, Al! The difference is amazing! You are a lean, mean huntin' machine. Great job!

  5. @Justin - I noticed that, too! I figure it must be because I am wiser...right?

    @Mark - Thanks, man. I am stoked to start hiking and scouting. In a week I'll be out there. Notice the safety harness in the new pic - that's the HSS Ultra-lite (no reference to my new found size). The review will be coming soon!

    @Phillip - I agree, it should be a banner year. With all of the rain we have had the food sources are popping up everywhere.

    @Brian - I hope to keep this lean, mean machine in tip-top shape! Thanks!

  6. Al, way to go bro! Looking good ! - btw, I am still on tap to be at BPS this Sunday, July 10th at 3 to hear Eric speak. Are you still thinking you'll be there?


  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Kerry. I will be there on Sunday. Probably going to purchase a few more items for this season, too. Are you bear hunting at all?

  8. Congrats Albert! Hope you have a great season this year!