Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Nature Walk
Last weekend I was able to get out a spend some quality time with my daughter by going on a nature walk while my wife photographed a beautiful family. Riley and I checked out all of the flowers, baby animals and played around making it even more fun. I love watching her grow up, although it's sad to see how fast she's doing it! Here are some of the shots I took while we were out. They are not super clear as I had to take them with my phone. I brought my point and shoot camera and the batteries dies right when we got there. I had taken the back-up batteries out for her camera. Lesson learned!

A beautifully colored hillside just off the trail.

Riley sitting pretty (her idea) on a log.

This just caught my eye with the color and sharpness of the spines.

The next day I was able to get out to do a little fishing standing. I fished the local park for a couple hours just to relax and didn't even get a bite. It wasn't about the fishing for me. Had I really wanted to catch lots of fish I would have brought bait and fished the late hours of the day. Most of my morning was spent practicing my fly casting. I had a great time.

Glassy water, no fish, but a beautiful day.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! I think I need to go out in the middle of the day with my fly rod and just practice like this.. I always seem to take a spin rod and fly rod, but once I start tearing into some fish on the spinning set up I never seem to look back at the fly rod till it's time to leave.. Cute kid, I'm guessing she takes after her mother haha..

  2. LOL @ Justin! ;)

    Al, sounds just about perfect! Sometimes we are so goal-oriented in our outdoors pursuits (I have to find this animal, land this fish, hike this far, etc.), we miss the experience.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend when you can get out for simple family time outdoors! We went fishing last night and went old school....just simple rods and used corn and doughballs for bait. We had more fun floating around in the boat laughing and talking about memories than what we were catching!