Monday, May 16, 2011

Nottingham Made Proud
As I sit and type this entry up, I cannot help but smile with the fun I had at the archery range this past weekend. For starters, El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA put in brand new target bales two weeks ago and I have been itching to get over there and practice. Michael and I finally had the opportunity to hit the range on Sunday. Despite the wind gusting at 20-30 mph, we had a great time.

Our normal shooting at 60-70 yards wasn't going to work for us because of the wind factor, so we decided to post up at 30 yards in preparation for deer and bear season. Some of the areas we plan to hunt are on steep where the winds can pick up late in the day, and practicing at 30 yards in the wind would do us some good. 

We started shooting a little left, and we attributed that to us trying to compensate for the wind. Shortly thereafter we were doing as well even while shooting with a crosswind. 

I'll take a little low and left in a crosswind like we had at 30 yards.

On our third round of arrows, Michael shot and then I let one fly. We hear a  *plink* and then watch some fluorescent material fly into the air. I figured it to be fletching. I've taken enough fletching off my arrows while practicing, but that was not it. Michael looked over at me and said, "I think you just Robin Hooded an arrow." I laughed it off, but as we approached the target he was exactly right! In 27 years of shooting archery gear, I had my first Robin Hood. 

Robin Hooded it!
Nothing like putting an Easton FMJ through a PSE X-Weave.
Unfortunately for Michael, I had Robin Hooded one of HIS arrows. Doh! Looks like I'll be buying some new arrows for my hunting partner. We still had a great time, joked about the shot and decided that it was time for each of us to shoot at different spot on the target. Normally we'd do that anyway, but we figured with the crosswind that we'd be less accurate. Guess not!

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