Monday, May 2, 2011

Hunt Contest Poster To Appear On The Mentalist!
There are days in my life when I have to sit down and really thank God for everything that I have been blessed with. For the past few months, I have been working on the design of the poster for our hunt contest. I love being a graphic designer, a photographer and the process of creating something like this poster. After a few short weeks, Eric and I agreed on a final design and sent it to print. Then, through some connections through Team DIY, I was asked to send over a file to someone because they were interested in using it for a TV show. I don't usually get overexcited over this type of thing, so I emailed it over and went on with my evening.

A few days later I received a call from Warner Brothers letting me know that they wanted to use part of the poster (shown below) in an upcoming episode of The Mentalist with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. We talked about how it may be used, ownership rights and then I agreed to let them use it. That's when it started to sink in. Remember how I said I don't usually get overexcited about stuff like this? Yeah, well, for some reason this time I was pumped! I was actually going to get something I designed on a national television show. That was such a great feeling!

Now, I have no idea how it will be used. It could be used as a prop, it could be a focal point, it might be something someone is tossing in the trash. It may not ever be used. I really have no idea, but I look at it this way. Publicity for this contest is good for us, and if I am fortunate enough to get to see something I designed on TV then so be it. That feels good to me. I am humbled that they asked to use it. That alone was enough for me.

So set your DVR's to record The Mentalist on CBS on Thursday, May 5, 2011. It may be on the following week, so stay tuned to the blog and I'll let you know if it appeared or not.

This part of the poster will appear somewhere on The Mentalist on CBS on or around May 5, 2011.


  1. What an awesome opportunity! I really hope your work gets some good exposure on the show. I don't usually watch the Mentalist, but I will have be sure and tune in for this episode.

  2. Congrats friend! That rocks!

  3. So Awesome Al!! ~ Sarah M