Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scouting Trip Photos From February (Part 2)
Like I said in my prior entry, back in February, my friend Michael and I took a trip down the Cleveland National Forest to do some scouting. Our goal was to explore some new areas, see what game animals we could find and to see if we would want to go deer hunting here in the Fall. Here are some more of the photos from our scouting trip. It was a very successful scouting trip with us spotting some deer and me getting tagged by a big, nasty tick.

The water was flowing rapidly from the mountain streams.
A nice group of deer we spotted. There was a big buck (nubs were sticking out of his head) with them.
Favorite photo of the day: This is actually the reflection of the hillside in some water.
The sun was going down and we we still 2 miles in. It was great!
Some of the views speak for themselves.
This was tick #4 that I found when I got back. He was camped right on my snake boot.

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