Monday, April 25, 2011

Scouting Trip Photos From February (Part 1)
Back in February, my friend Michael and I took a trip down the Cleveland National Forest to do some scouting. Our goal was to explore some new areas, see what game animals we could find and to see if we would want to go deer hunting here in the Fall. 

Instead of writing a lengthy post about how we hiked 7 miles, pulled ticks off us all day and saw lots of deer, I decided to share a few photos I snapped throughout the day. I just used my trusty Nikon point-and-shoot to capture these. Enjoy.

Spike deer skull I found on a plateau.
Michael glassing the hillsides.
One of the beautiful views from our glassing point.
I have lost 25lbs since this photo was taken.
The only shed we found that was really chewed up.

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