Friday, February 4, 2011

The SoCal Bowhunter Is On A Piggy Hunt!
Phone rings. Voice on the the other end: "Al, want to hunt some hogs this weekend?" Sound of screeching rubber as my feet tear up the linoleum floor on my way to my car. Ok, so it didn't happen EXACTLY like that, but it could have and I am excited. Overly so!

While you are reading this I am out scouring the draws and hillsides of Parkfield, CA. My friend, Jeff, invited me up again to hunt his property. I'll be hunting with my PSE X-Force again in hopes of bringing down a pigskin in celebration of the Super Bowl. Yepper, I am doing it again with my bow and arrow. I just love the challenge and the thought of possibly bringing down some pork with a razor-tipped carbon meat missile.

I'll be sure to post photos, video and my DIY hunt story when I return! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good luck, Al, and have fun! Hope you nail a big ol' pig!

  2. Best of luck to you and bring home the bacon!

  3. Can't stand the way, Al... how'd it go?

  4. Hunting those pigs with a bow is awesome! Hope goes well. We do a lot of hog hunting in Florida. Combo Osceola Turkey Hunt and hog hunt with a bow is blast!