Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest Hog Hunt Turns To Garbage
Ok, so the title of this post may not exactly be what you were thinking, but it got your attention, right? Eric Welsh, of DIYbowhunter.com, and I went out hog hunting on public land yesterday. We found lots of sign, but no hogs. We ran into a few other people out there partying or just driving around and we figured the hogs were holed up in another canyon. At one point we really got into some sign from the day before and thought we were getting close, but we missed something and lost the trail. We hiked in and around for six miles and had a great time.

As we came out of one canyon, I looked over to my left and found this atrocity looming before us. Absolutely horrid. From what we could gather, someone had been living here for quite some time. Trash everywhere. The worst part seems visual, until I found the child toys like dolls, football helmets and stuffed animals. Not only was I saddened for this chunk of land, but I wondered in my head what had to drive someone like this to camp out here. Sure, it could be someone growing marijuana, or hiding out from 5-O, but in all likelihood it was someone hit hard by the economy and had no other place to go. No matter what the situation, it is disgusting and a sight that Eric and I both found disturbing. Here are a few photos of what we found. I left them smaller, but you can click to make them larger.

The view of the encampment from a distance.
Just look at how much garbage is piled up!
It never ends.
Toys, tarps, and totes!
There was a table with scissors and a tackle box on it.
Eric holding a homemade spear he found right next to a deer skull.

Eric viewing the endless trail of garbage.


  1. Wow! I don't even know what to say. Makes me sad that the land has to be the bare the brunt of whoever was there for what ever reason. Not cool in my books at all.

    So is that something that can be reported and whomever governs this piece of land will organize a clean-up (not sure how that works out by you) or perhaps Team DIYbowhunter.com has got a plan?

  2. Wish I could say that was uncommon on public land...that's alot of garbage though, for sure.

  3. @kmurray - It can and will be reported. We are in the process of figuring out how we want to approach it. This may be a good opportunity for Team DIY to get out there and do some clean-up.

    @Ian - I agree. I see it more and more on public land. Even on some hidden corners or private. It's sad.

  4. That is beyond frustrating to see people have a lack of respect for land and wildlife. Tough part is more and more agencies are cutting resources for law enforcement to manage this....