Thursday, October 14, 2010

Product Review: Mike Jensen Bow Strings
Back in 2008 I was at wit's end. The bow I was shooting was a great bow, but it wasn't built for power or shooting long distances. I did some searching and found a used bow online. When talking with the seller, he mentioned that the bow needed new strings and cables. He directed me to Mike Jensen of Mike's Archery & Custom bowstrings LLC. I went home and looked up Mike's info.

Mike's Strings and Cables are made with only the best string material 452x. Tests have proven that it doesn't creep or stretch like all other string materials. Because there is no creep your bow stays in tune with zero cam rotation. Your bow stays rock solid! Consistent cast of arrow-flight. Same poundage, draw length, and same nock travel equals great arrow-flight or consistent arrow-flight! Less oscillating equals less noise!

Problem #1 fixed! Your bow stays in tune! Zero Creep!

Recommended strands: 20 for 70 pounds or less / 24 for 70 pounds or more

Breaking strength: Approx ft/lb 8800

Note: 452x has the strongest breaking strength than any other material so I recommend 20 strands for max speed.

This all sounded good to me, so I had Mike make me up a new set of string and cables for my PSE Vengeance. I got to choose the colors I wanted and within two weeks I had my new set arrive in the mail. My pro-shop installed them for me and in no time I was flinging arrows. The strings were pre-stretched, but I still like shooting 200+ arrows before making any adjustments. After my 200 shots, I locked in the peep and was ready to rock-n-roll. The strings worked great! Two years later they are still holding up nicely as I wax them often and take good care of them. Earlier this year I purchased another used bow and even though it still had what seemed like good life to the strings and cables, I opted to replace them. I wanted to be sure of my gear and be confident that the components would last.
I am very happy with the strings and cables Mike has put together for me. I again got to choose whatever colors I wanted and the turnaround time was fast, too. The best part is the price. Mike puts together a great set of string and cables for $39.99. It's tough to find another company that'll do that for you. Having durable bow strings is essential for consistent shooting. I will definitely recommend Mike's Archery & Custom Bow Strings in the future.

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