Monday, October 4, 2010

Happiness is a Pumpkin Patch
I wanted to get some archery practice in this weekend, but to be honest I didn't fling any arrows. I wanted to, really I did, but I decided to spend some quality time with my family instead. I figured I would take the time during the weeknights and get what I needed to done, which isn't too much but keeping my arm in shape and keeping my confidence level up.

Saturday was a great day spent with my daughter while my wife took care of some things she needed to do. We had a great time and I am always amazed at how much a 20 month-old little girl can talk about something she loves. The girl can go on and on about her favorite Disney characters. She even wakes up in the morning talking about Minnie Mouse. At first, I though she must take after her dad because I start talking hunting as soon as I wake up, but my wife loves Disneyland and they both love going there and taking part in everything. Hands down I have to give it to my wife on this one. It's great seeing your family so happy.

Sunday was by far the best day I have had in a very long time, but first a little back story. I am a country-boy. I was raised on a farm, worked on farms, drove plenty of tractors and picked plenty of fresh veggies. My wife was raised a city girl through and through, but she loves the country. The past few years we have talked about our local "pumpkin patch" and how everyone loves it. Well, everyone but me. To me it's not a pumpkin patch. It's a glorified lot, fenced off where they ship in pumpkins each day and you get to pay a high-price-per-pound to make your kids happy. This year my wife and I decided to go to Tanaka Farms to actually pick our pumpkins. I wasn't sure how she'd take it, but she doesn't mind getting dirty and she loves the country, so I wholeheartedly agreed. Besides, it was her idea to go out there and I was more than happy to oblige! We spent the morning taking our daughter on tractor rides, walking through the REAL pumpkin patch, and watching pumpkins gets fired out of a cannon. The best part was watching my daughter pick out her very first pumpkin and carry it back to the wheelbarrow. My wife always takes great photos and here are a couple that I just had to post. You can always find some other great shots over on her photo blog.

My wife picked out her pumpkin and after she took it off the vine she told me we would never go back to that 'other pumpkin patch'. She now knows why this country-boy had such a hard time accepting the city-folk pumpkin lot. The look on her face was truly amazing. She was so happy to be there picking her own pumpkin off the vine. After I picked out my pumpkin we hit the road for home. We had a great time and I was kept smiling the entire day just thinking about it. It was a great day full of adventure, smiles and joyful memories. Yes sirree, it was a day full of happiness and it didn't have anything to do with bowhunting.


  1. Awesome! The pictures say more than a thousand words could ever say... thanks for reminding us that life is about those little simlpe moments spent togehter...

  2. Great post and message bud...on a similar note we went apple picking yesterday, then did some cooking.

    "Family" (thumbs up)

  3. Awesome pictures, they don't get any better than that.

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