Thursday, October 7, 2010 Pro Staff Successful in AZ and CO
Putting the miles on the boots, glassing all day and working hard to get your animal is what I love about DIY hunting. It provides wonderful opportunities, helps you make friends, and you earn what you shoot. The DIY Pro Staff recently went on an DIY Arizona deer hunt and followed that up with a DIY Colorado elk hunt, minus yours truly as I had prior commitments. Here's the story from Eric Welsh over at The CO story to be posted tomorrow!
Nathan and I hit the last few days of the archery deer season in AZ on our way to Colorado for elk season. I had done a lot of scouting on the previous weeks, but when we got there it had rained a ton. For the next day and a half we drove over 200 miles of dirt roads checking water holes and glassing. We finally a nice dirt tank that a lot of deer were hitting. 

We set up the double bull and socked it in with a bunch of branches. That first afternoon we sat in 90 degree heat and waited. About 2 hours before dark 4 bucks and a doe came in. The biggest one was a nice 3x3. I set an arrow his way and went right over his back. I felt like I was going to THROW UP! 

We sat there all day the next day and nothing came in. On the 3rd morning it was Nathans turn to hunt and I was on the camera. At about 9:00 am that nice 3x3 came in and Nathan smoked him. 

He ran about 100 yard and hung himself in a tree....see pics below.
It was a great time and then we went to CO to elk hunt.

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