Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Week, Another Set Of Trail Cam Pics
Today was the day that really got me excited about my yearly trip to NY to hunt whitetails with my family. I spoke with my brother this morning and after discussing my next product review we talked about hunting. He said he was going out this evening to see what was on our trail cams. I have been hoping to see some more deer and the photos did not disappoint. T-Minus one month and I'll be hunting some whitetail deer!

This is the first buck we have seen on camera. He's a smaller 4 or 6-point, but cool to see!
A nice group of does eating the farmer's crop.
What are you looking at? This good-sized doe could help me fill my first doe tag.
I hope to run into this big coyote. He's a big guy looking for an arrow.

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  1. That sure is a pretty coyote. Would make a great throw for the back of the couch!