Friday, July 9, 2010

Arizona Big Game Super Raffle
The Arizona Game & Fish emails I get are always full of useful information. Today I received an email informing me that the AZ Big Game Super Raffle was going to close and that I hadn't bought my ticket. Ok, so it didn't say I hadn't bought my ticket (I hadn't yet), but it did say that online ticket purchases end on Sunday, July 11th and the drawing is July 15th. If any of you have wanted to hunt Arizona or are looking for that special animal, look no further and get moving! Get on over to their website and buy your tickets. It's a helluva deal! Now I just have to hope to get drawn. The only one I am disappointed with is the mountain lion tag. If I draw it and kill one (or anyone from California does) I won't be able to bring any part of it back to California. That sucks. Our state has some serious issues and that is one of them, but this isn't about me or California is it? Good luck to all who enter and if you get drawn let me know!

Do you dream of harvesting one of Arizona’s renowned big game animals? If so, you probably envision a desert bighorn sheep in full curl, or a giant bull elk from Unit 9, or better yet, one of the world-famous Kaibab mule deer bucks with antlers that resemble an elk!
Your dream could become a reality if you enter the Arizona Big Game Super Raffle. The deadline is Sunday, July 11 by 10 p.m. (Pacific Time). Tickets at this point are only available through online purchases at

What makes the raffle so super? The tags are special Game and Fish Commission-issued permit-tags, and the season dates for each hunt will be 365 days starting Aug. 15. Most of the hunts have very few limitations on what unit you can hunt, giving each lucky winner the best odds for a hunt of a lifetime.

Hunting tags up for raffle are pronghorn antelope, black bear, buffalo, Coues whitetail, desert bighorn sheep, elk, javelina, mule deer, turkey (Gould’s or Merriam’s), and mountain lion. In addition, there is an incredible Swarovski optics package valued at $9,500, which will cover the administration of the raffle.

Raffle tickets cost between $5 and $25, depending on the species, and a ticket for all 11 raffles is only $150. The all-eleven entry qualifies you for a bonus entry for a New Mexico elk hunt package, valued at $6,500.

One of the best things about this raffle is that it helps Arizona’s wildlife. Every dollar raised for each species goes back to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and will go directly toward the management of that particular species.

Funding from the raffle allows for a multitude of wildlife conservation projects. One primary focus is habitat improvement projects, such as providing reliable water sources for wildlife, grassland restoration, and antelope-friendly fence improvements, to name a few. Other projects assist wildlife management through helicopter surveys, translocation of wildlife, and the monitoring of wildlife movements to map connectivity issues. Some of the most notable projects are land acquisitions to conserve critical habitat for the future of wildlife. Many of the projects are matched with other funding sources, labor, or supplied materials, leveraging every dollar spent even further. 

The public drawing is July 15. For more details, visit

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