Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raffle To Benefit Young Lady Who Needs A Liver
My Blackberry is constantly buzzing and alerting me of my new email messages. Typically I read who it's from and save it to read later. Yesterday morning it buzzed and as I perused the messages I saw one that caught my eye. A fellow blogger, The Desert Rat, posted about a raffle going on to help a young lady find a liver she desperately needs. The opportunity below is one that I cannot pass up. Mainly because a young hunter needs our help. We need to promote hunting and help other hunters. Sadie was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hepatitis in February 2008 and he is now in need of a new liver.

I wanted some more info so I gave Derek a call. Derek is a friend of the Anderson family and he started this on his own to help them out. Talk about a great guy! The fact is, he says it's not about him and he says that Sadie's dad is a super guy and they are astounded by the response to this. Derek only started this a week ago! For you skeptics out there - every penny goes to the family! Every cent. Derek is putting up the Nebraska hunt all on his own. Eddy Corona from Outdoor Experience 4 All wanted in and he's helping out with the other hunts.

As a DIY bow hunter, I hunt on a budget. I have a family to feed and I need to put a roof over our heads. I would love the opportunity to get out and do an outfitted hunt for deer or bear, but money is always tight and I really enjoy the planning aspect of the hunt, but when I saw this I couldn't help thinking, 'Where can I get a 4 or 5-day hunt for ANYTHING for $35?' My answer came quickly and I decided I would buy some tickets. It's totally up to you should you decide to do this, but it's to help a young girl, it promotes hunting, and you can win one-of-three stellar hunts! I don't see where you can go wrong. 

You can view/download the flier at Outdoor Experience 4 All on the left hand side. Check out their website and read about how they help hunters who may not have a lot of time left for a long hunt. There's a better explanation on their website.

The mission of the Outdoor Experience 4 All (OE4A) is to change lives one adventure at a time. Everyone who participates in an OE4A adventure, including volunteers, sponsors, parents, and siblings leaves camp with a new outlook on life!

They are raffling off the following hunts to raise money for Sadie:
  1. AZ Archery Deer Hunt – Fully outfitted, 4-day, OTC tag must be purchased, value $2800 Ticket $35
  2. AZ Bear Hunt – Fully outfitted, 4-day, OTC tag must be purchased, value $2800 Ticket $35
  3. Nebraska Deer Hunt – During the rut, 5-day archery, fully outfitted, tags incl., value $3500 Ticket $50
OROne of each for $100!

The drawing is going to be held on July 15, 2010.

For more information contact -
Derek Taylor
480- 223-2775

For credit card donations: Go to click on the "donation" link. Make a note that its for Sadie Anderson. The great thing is all donations to this site are going to Sadie at this time, and it is all tax deductible! If they would like to purchase tickets mail a copy of their donation receipt to Derek Taylor, along with their name, phone number and which tickets they would like.

Send checks to:
Derek Taylor
3856 E . Meadowview Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Make checks payable to: Sadie Anderson

Be sure to include your name, phone number and it can't hurt to include your address! Good luck and keep Sadie in your prayers!


  1. What a good cause to give. I put the word out on Twitter in hope it helps!

  2. Thanks, Kari! I figure any way we hunters can help this family out will be awesome.