Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carbon Arrow University - Hunter's Friend Style
One of the most common things I hear bow hunters ask is how do I get set up to shoot a great arrow? I had the same question. The team over at Hunter's Friend has some great information to help you choose in their Carbon Arrow University. They break it down into easy to read chapters to guide you along. Here's an excerpt from Chapter 1:
"If you're one of the many bowhunters who select arrows each season by just grabbing a handful from the miscellaneous arrow bucket at the local super-mart, you may be surprised to learn that you've been cheating yourself.  Shooting the proper arrows will greatly improve your accuracy and success in the field - and for less money than you might think.  If you want reliable and accurate performance from your compound bow, your arrow must be specifically matched to YOUR bow setup.  There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" arrow.  An improperly sized and/or poorly constructed arrow will not only fly erratically, profoundly degrading your accuracy, but it may present a safety hazard for you and your expensive compound bow.  If you are serious about bowhunting, you owe it to yourself (and the game you pursue) to shoot the right ammunition."
Before you go buying new arrows I recommend the Hunter's Friend website and consulting your local pro-shop. Don't make a hasty decision that you'll regret later. I used to buy all of my arrows at a local department store and hoped they'd work well. I had mediocre results and wanted more out of my gear. I now customize my own arrows. I buy the naked shafts, cut them down to my size, glue the inserts in and fletch them with whatever colors I want. It might be more of an investment of time and money, but I want the confidence of having quality gear and making a clean kill.

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