Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona’s 2010 Fall Hunting and Trapping Regulations
The more I hunt Southern California, the more I realize I want to hunt other states like Colorado and Arizona. Why? Well, not only is it difficult to hunt in SoCal , but other states have an incredible variety of game to hunt, more public land and aren't tight-asses about hunting like California. I used to think it was always going to be way too expensive to hunt the Southwest, but right now Arizona is looking pretty sweet to me. One of my good friends from high school lives in Tucson and just got his new Mathews bow in. He is gearing up for hunting season and I would love a chance to hunt with him. My friends on the DIY Pro Staff are either from AZ or they hunt there, too, so my list of excuses as to why I cannot go are dwindling. With that being said, the Arizona 2010 Fall Hunting and Trapping regulations are now online!

You need to keep in mind that the deadline to submit your hunt draw applications for the 2010 hunts for deer, bighorn sheep, pheasant and fall turkey, javelina, and buffalo hunt permit-tags is Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 7 p.m. (MST). So you need to get them in as soon as you can!

There are many places you can do a DIY hunt in Arizona. If you have any questions regarding how or where, head on over to and ask a question on the forums. You'll have to join the site (it's completely FREE and you can win stuff, too!), but you'll get some valuable information, too. 

Are you planning a DIY hunt in Arizona? If so, what are you hunting and what is your weapon of choice? I am curious as to how many bowhunters will be out there looking to take down a trophy. Now it's time for me to go ask some questions so i can fill out my tags! Cheers everyone and good luck!

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