Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow-up to the Fred Hall Show
If you read my Fred Hall Show post, you know that I was disappointed about one of the seminars. I emailed the guys at Fred Hall and was surprised when Tim Baker at Fred Hall and Rich Baker from Garmin wrote me back on Tuesday, March 9. Here is what Tim had to say:

Thank you for attending our Long Beach show this year. You are correct, we should have made some adjustments to the schedule. To be honest, I was not aware that Chuck Folker was not present, and for this, everyone here at Fred Hall & Associates apologizes to you and to all that were left waiting to hear the seminars on getting more from your GPS.

Garmin is a great company with phenomenal products and I am certainly glad to hear that they took the time to answer your questions while you were there.

We are building the hunting category and in time you will see this grow to a much more significant part of the Fred Hall shows. Developing a new category within an existing show always takes time to develop, we appreciate your patience with us while this transformation occurs.

I have known Jimmie Rizzo for 20 years and you are right, he is just as passionate now as he was the day I first met him. Jimmie does a great job and we were happy to have him as well as the other great speakers we had all week...

Tim, thank you for the quick and understanding response. Apology accepted and I am sure many of my readers feel the same. It's not very often we'll get an apology for something such as this. Soon after I received Tim's email, Rich Baker from Garmin wrote to us and said:

... Chuck was at the show and we looked on the schedule in the paper in the program booklet and couldn't find the seminars scheduled so we thought it was left off.

... as you know when the show starts everything goes crazy.

Sorry if there was a mix up.

Rich, thank you for writing back, too. It's nice to know our concerns are listened to and responded to. Mix-ups do happen and I know how crazy it can be when a show like that starts and you have to wear many hats.

It's too bad that there was a mix-up, but it happens. I give these guys a lot of credit for owning up to what happened. To me that's a stand up thing to do. 

SoCal Bowhunter GIVEWAY: To help make things right, Tim sent me a 4 VIP tickets to giveaway to the Fred Hall Show in San Diego (Del Mar Fairgrounds) held March 24-28, 2010. I am going to give them away in pairs, so I have two pairs to give out. If you'd like pair of tickets here's what you have to do to win. First, sign up and follow my blog. Second, post a comment here as to who you'd like to take to the show and why you are looking forward to the upcoming hunting or fishing season. I'll randomly choose the winners on March 17 and post them here. Be sure to sign up so I have a way of contacting you if you win!

UPDATE (March 17): No one entered the contest, so I'll be giving them away this weekend at the Grand Opening of Archery Outpost in Los Alamitos. See you there!

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