Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elk Hunting University - Colorado DOW
If any of you hunters are thinking about doing any Colorado elk hunting you should check out the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Elk Hunting University page. They have some great information including videos and photos to help get you started. Over the next few weeks they will be sharing basic info on up to inform more people about elk hunting in CO.

Here's an excerpt from their page by Jim Bulger, Hunter Outreach Program Coordinator:
...Elk Hunting University (EHU) [is] a framework to pass along skills and knowledge to aspiring elk hunters. As we move through this course together, realize we are walking new ground that we have not walked before. We hope we can find innovative ways to teach you basic elk hunting skills, coach you to develop those skills to a higher level, and mentor you through articles and videos, responding to your questions and sharing with you the experiences of others.
I know that I will be following this very closely as I am looking to go on my first elk hunt by next year and Colorado is my choice spot.

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