Monday, February 22, 2010

SCB TECH TIP: Look over your gear regularly
One of the common things I hear from other archers is, 'I wish I had spent some time to go over my gear before the hunt.' It's a common occurrence to practice over and over and get complacent. I have been guilty of it. Some time ago I decided to practice for the umpteenth time this year and did a check of my bow. I wasn't expecting to find anything out of the ordinary, but low and behold once of the U-washers had come off the rod anchoring my lower cam. It could have been bad if that had slid through on a shot. Fortunately I found it before I practiced. I ran right over to the hardware store and for $1.27 I picked up a 2-pack of replacement washers. Got it on the bow and now I am comfortable.

The second part of this is with my release. It's been working great for over a year, but I just watched Dead Down Wind's American Archer where Tom discussed using an odorless oil to lube your release in the drier climates. Being in SoCal and hunting in some of the driest air I had not done it. I had it on order, but that was it. Sure enough I got to the range this past Sunday and my release froze on me. I was ticked and embarrassed hat I hadn't checked something so simple, but I was also glad it did not happen to me while on a hunt. This weekend I'll be going over my gear, lubing everything and tightening what needs to be tightened so I have no issue in the field.

A couple of good tips that I hope help out my fellow bowhunters out there. Have a great week.

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