Monday, July 24, 2017

Bass Pro Shops Seminar Recap: A Great Saturday!

Last Saturday, I offered up an impromptu Deer Scouting and Optics seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It was short notice, but I had people asking for one, so I set it up. I am so glad I did! We owe a big thank you to Shannon at BPS for scrambling to make it happen and getting us a room! Thank you, Shannon! I really want to thank the hunters that took the time out of their busy Saturday to take part in the seminar and ask a bunch of questions. We covered everything from maps, tracks, water sources, game trails, game cameras, glassing, and proper optics for the job. In fact, my scouting and optics seminar was slated for an hour, but ended up going 2.5 hours and I had to cut it short due to my  next seminar. It was fantastic!

I want to say thank you to Vortex Optics for helping out with some great giveaway items and with making great optics. The guys wanted to know about my Vortex Optics and checked out my set-up. You guys rock!

Right after giving my scouting seminar, I held a Gearing Up for Long Range Shooting seminar (which had a great turnout of more than 30 people). I discussed some of the most used weapons for competitive shooting, ammunition, optics, and offered some tips and techniques. I briefly covered some hunting tips, but I really wanted to focus on shooting alone. I mentioned that if people wanted a great guide to get going they should read 'Long Range Shooting Handbook: A beginner’s Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting' by Ryan Cleckner. It's a must read for the long range shooter. After the seminar and talking with some long range shooters, I took a walk to the scope case to drool a bit and make a wish list for my rifles. Oh yes, there are some beauties in that case! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am taking a group of new and some experienced hunters out on August 5 to scout for deer to learn new techniques and how to scout properly. There will be more details coming, but if you wish to attend, you must email me with your name, contact #, and let me know if you can scout just the morning or all day. I plan on heading to a spot early (probably 4-5 AM) and start scouting an area in either the Angeles National Forest or the San Bernardino National Forest. (I will take suggestions from you guys, too.) We may scout all day and we may move around a bit. If you can carpool you will be better off. 4-wheel drive is not required, but it could prove useful. I plan on taking pictures for my partners and to show Bass Pro what a good seminar can lead to. Feel free to email me with any questions before the scouting trip. You can find my email in the contact section. I prefer email because I will send out reminders and requirements to everyone at once.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bass Pro Shops Seminar: Deer Scouting and Optics

On Saturday, July 22 at 11:30AM, I will be giving a free 'Deer Scouting and Optics Seminar' at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I'll cover where to begin, optics, the methods and tactics you should use, movement and the lack thereof, and I will stick around and answer your questions after. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Room Location: The Bass Pro Conference room, by the second floor bathrooms. 

Bass Pro Shops: Gear Up For Long Range Shooting Seminar

On Saturday, July 22 at 2:00 PM, I will be giving a free 'Gear Up for Long Range Shooting Seminar' at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I'll cover what you need to get started (firearm and optics), what to read up on, and how it can help with hunting. It's set up to be a 20-30 minute seminar, but I will stick around and answer your questions after. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

Location: Upstairs, in front of the elevator by the hunting department.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2018 Anteris Alliance Try & Buy Event

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gear Review: Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod

Positioning your rifle properly is one of the keys to making a great shot. When it came to my AR-15 build and upgrades, I field tested multiple bi-pods and one stood out as the clear winner. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod lives up to its name of being heavy duty and has some excellent benefits. I have been shooting with the 6-9" rail mount model for the past few months with great results. 

The Sport Ridge 6-9" Rail Mounted Bi-pod was chosen due to wanting something fairly short to set up in an open field or rocky hillsides for hunting coyotes and also target shooting from the prone position. I was also on a budget and wanted to find something sturdy, easy to use, and reliable. I could have opted for the longer legs, but when it comes down to it, in those situations I will use a backpack or a tree.

First off, the Sport Ridge rail mounted bi-pod attaches directly to the picatinny rail of my AR with ease and locks solidly into place. It is pivot friendly with a solid locking mechanism if you want it to stay put (Low Profile Indexing Quick Lever™). Not only does it stay put, but when you want to it is super smooth to adjust. I was able to simply reach forward, adjust the lever and cant my rifle whichever way I needed to, lock the lever back down and shoot. It was that simple and easy to do. 

The springs on this bi-pod are wicked strong and really help the legs stay put when extended. I was impressed with how powerful the springs are. I have tried other name-brand bi-pods with powerful springs and they don't hold a candle to the Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod. When shooting, the legs stay anchored well and take a beating. The legs pop out and retract manually. I plopped my AR down on the bi-pod with the legs up and in, and with them out and extended to see how durable they were. The legs stayed put, held true, and functioned as specified.

At $82.00, this bi-pod is not inexpensive, but it is also not cheap. It is rugged, strong, and works well in any terrain. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod holds its own as a high-quality, tough-as-nails bi-pod. If you are looking to add a bi-pod to your AR or upgrade to a high quality bi-pod, choose the Sport Ridge and you'll enjoy hunting and shooting even more.