Monday, December 31, 2018

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Long Beach Pint Night

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers are having a Long Beach Pint Night a week from today. We will be at Ballast Point on January 7th from 6-9pm. Hope to see you there!! If you would like to have a Pint Night in your area, please email the chapter at

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Moe Falls in New York!

A few days after I had returned to California and had rearranged my freezer, I couldn't stop thinking about the hunt. The excitement, challenge, and the sheer numbers of deer we saw made my mind spin. My dad and I had talked about my uncle David and how lucky he was when hunting or fishing. I think some of that luck was handed off to my brother because over the years he has had some awesome luck both hunting and fishing. There are many stories to tell!

Opening day for the NY firearm deer season was that Saturday and I waited on pins and needles for a text from either one. Early on, texts started flying in from my dad saying he had a buck down. Then a doe. Then another. It was looking like a great opener! We sent messages back and forth as I lived vicariously through them. When the day ended, they had work to do and I went to bed thinking about the fun they must have had.

Sunday morning came and went without a text, but the afternoon proved to be a highway of electronic communication.
"I just shot Moe!"

My brother's words popped up on my phone and the smile on my face kept growing. That lucky summina...! I knew this was one of our top hit list bucks and my brother had just dropped him. Then I thought about how much money he was going to have to spend on the mount. I'm glad I shot a doe! I joke about it, but I am thrilled that he was the hunter to take Moe. He and my dad put in a lot of hours setting up cameras, treestands and hauling me around the woods. What a great hunting season we had!

So there you have it. Moe was taken after all and we all filled deer tags this season. I am already planning my 2019 NY deer hunt, but first I have a couple more weeks to try and fill my California deer tag. It will more than likely turn out to be a beautiful hike, but maybe some of that luck my brother shares with my late uncle will make it out west. One can only hope!