Monday, September 10, 2018

Gear Review: HHA Sports Tetra Single Pin Archery Sight

Over my many years of being an archer and bow hunter, you could say that I have used my fair share of archery sights. If you have followed my blog you will know that I switched from a multi-pin sight to an HHA Sports single-pin sight nearly five years ago and didn't look back. A couple months back, I was talking with Chris Hamm, VP of Operations at HHA Sports, and we were discussing the way I hunt and where I hunt when he mentioned I should give the new HHA Tetra Sight a try and share what I thought. Always willing to put gear to good use, abuse, and rough conditions, I agreed to field test the HHA Sports Tetra Single-pin sight. I chose the right hand, 1 5/8" scope size, with a .010" pin size.  I like a small housing and small pin that allows me to see more of my target in a tighter window.

What makes the Tetra different? It's the first single-pin sight from HHA Sports that allows for third-axis adjustment. What's the 3rd axis? In a nutshell, when shooting uphill or downhill, if the sight isn't level then you are effectively canting the bow one way or another. On flat ground it isn't an issue, but when you hunt the foothills or mountains, your 3rd axis needs to be level.

The Tetra also has a newly designed adjustment wheel, which I don't think improves or takes away any value. It's cool and different, but the original wheel adjust works just fine.

The Tetra is as solid as the HHA sights come and has a redesigned two stage, micro adjust windage adjustment, all new water resistant sight tapes and 2.1” of travel. I wanted to share this specification because it makes a difference when making your adjustments. You can fine tune it with precision.

Setting up the sight was a breeze. Adjusting for the third-axis also went very smooth and I was eager to test it in the field. First, I had to sight it in and this actually was faster that I imagined. As with all of the HHA sights, you sight in at 20 and then at 60. Whatever the difference is between the high and low numbers is on your sight tape give you the proper tape to install. Yes, it really is that easy! It works very well for me and with great results. I had the Tetra sighted in properly in less than fifteen minutes. 

Later on, I set up a ladder in my yard, put my target at 3 yards and shot down. It takes some getting used to shooting down at 1-2 yards, but it can be done effectively and the Tetra performed very well!

I have been shooting it at the range out to 80 yards and in my backyard from 10-20 yards. I can quickly and easily dial it in and shoot. Be warned, if you continue to practice shooting at the same spot over and over with this sight, you are bound to start splitting arrows! 

The MSRP on the HHA Sports Tetra is $289.99. As always, it comes down to "would you recommend it?" Absolutely I recommend it! It's a solid sight, works great, has a lifetime warranty, and comes from an American made company. HHA always delivers and they sure stepped it up with this sight. I truly love this sight for hunting out West and cannot wait to go deer hunting with my bow!