Thursday, February 1, 2018

Anteris Alliance Try & Buy 2018 Recap

If you haven't been to the Anteris Alliance Try & Buy you are missing out! Here is a recap of some of the products my team and I tested or saw at the show. If you want to know more about a particular company or product, let me know!

Triggersafe - My favorite product of the show. It is simple, effective, and each and every AR-15 rifle should have one of these. The Triggersafe protects the weapon from an accidental discharge, but also allows you to take it off quickly for a shot. They have a great pitch and the product demonstration was excellent. Really looking forward to seeing these on all AR-15 rifles and shotguns! The Remington 870 version is coming soon.

Frontier Tactical War Lock  - The team at Frontier Tactical developed a very cool system for the AR platform that allows you to swap out uppers very quickly and efficiently. The War Lock replaces the barrel nut and allows you to swap uppers (sometimes the bolt needs to change, too) and shoot over 90 calibers. You could say I was loving this system. The image above shows the "North American Hunting Package" which was impressive to see disassembled and all fitting in a backpack.

SinterFire - Frangibles are new to me, but after this demonstration I am a believer. We saw what they do from a handgun up close, in a box, but the big surprise was with the AR. Another gent and I were able to stand on either side of certified instructor and LEO Keith Porco as he fired rounds at three feet. It was unnerving, but a powerful message as to how well these perform.

Modern Spartan Systems - While I have not used this system on my weapon, I will be. This is NOT a gun lube. It actually changes the chemistry of the barrel to allow less friction, makes the rifle more accurate, and is supposed to reduce cleaning time drastically. If Charlie Melton uses it on his rifles where he shoots out to two miles then I can get behind it. I'll follow up on this one in the near future.

Hiperfire - The upgraded HIPERTOUCH triggers proved to be one of the most talked about in our group. We loved the back tension after the shot put on the trigger. The tension is distributed to your finger and you know the system is working. I opted for the semi-auto rifle vs. the auto, but I loved how the trigger performed.

MagBlock - If you ever go to the range with your AR-15 or shoot your AR around friends, you need a MagBlock. I mentioned them last year, and after again talking with Mike I believe everyone who owns am AR-15 needs one of these. I was able to see the bright orange from a way off, knowing that the rifle was safe on the table.

Charlie Mike Precision (CMP) - I spoke with Charlie Melton, the man who trained Chris Kyle, about his 2 mile shot with the .408 Tejas, which he had custom built. He briefly described the set up and the shot, plus the optics used. It was great to see him smile when talking about the amazing shot! They also offer some great long range courses around the country. If you want to learn from the best, check them out.

LaRue Cases - Chuck LaRue wanted to make a better case for firearms and archery equipment. His tenacity and background have allowed him to create a solid, resin/carbon case. While the prices right now are high, I think Chuck will be able to develop some new strategies to allow him to keep the quality up and lower the cost.

We did a fair share of walking and talking at the 2018 Anteris Alliance Try & Buy. After meeting some great people with some great companies,  we are looking forward to some gear reviews and also creating some solid partnerships for years to come.

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