Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 Mylar Balloon Challenge!

I despise Mylar balloons. It seems like every time I go scouting I find at least one. When I hunt I also find at least one. Many times I find two or three. I deflate them and pack them to toss in the trash bin at home. It's awful for the environment, animals, and makes the landscape look like a sparkling turd.

Time for the 2018 Mylar Balloon Challenge! Each time you go out hunting, scouting, hiking, or fishing and find a Mylar balloon I want you to take a pic with it. To keep it fair, I want to see only pics from 2018, so I want to see you mimic my pose in the picture above. Be creative if you want, but a simple finger pointing and a scowl will do (have to do that to be entered). You also have to take the balloon with you and dispose of it properly. 

Post the pics on my SoCal Bowhunter Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #MylarChallenge2018 and then tag me in the photo (al_quackenbush). You have to follow me wherever you decide to post. Each month, I will go through the submissions and send out a small prize. Enter as many times as you like, but this is on the honor system. Keep it honest. I'll see how it goes each month and if we don't get any submissions for a particular month, I'll just add to the prize pack for the following month.

I am looking forward to some great photos of you conservationists getting out there and cleaning up our public lands! As a bonus, at the end of the year, I'll go through the submissions and send each a nice gift to each of the top three contributors for doing their part. Get out there and have fun!

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