Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 California Big Game Hunting Digest

My copy of the 2018 California Big Game Hunting Digest arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Now is the time to start reviewing the changes, zone data, and make plans on where and how you will hunt for big game this year. There are bound to be many questions, so I encourage you to contact the biologists and ask those questions. If there is something I can help with, please ask. Sometimes navigating the regulations can be frustrating. Even I get that way sometimes and I have come to the realization that asking questions and making plans early helps. 

Here are some changes that really jump out (direct from the CA DFW website) in regards to deer hunting:
Deer Tag Classification Changes
For the 2018 deer hunting season, the following deer tags have changed classifications. Please refer to the 2018 Deer Hunts for more information.
From Restricted to Premium deer tags:
A22 – tag quota filled on 6/15/17
From Unrestricted deer tags to Premium deer tags:
A18 – tag quota filled on 6/14/17
A19 – tag quota filled on 6/20/17
From Premium deer tag to Restricted deer tag:
D6 – tag quota filled on 7/5/17
From Unrestricted deer tags to Restricted deer tags:
B – tag quota filled on 7/17/17
D14 – tag quota filled on 7/13/17
A32 – tag quota filled on 7/17/17

I knew D14 would change this year due to it selling out even before I had the chance to get mine last year. With that said, I am going to review this release in detail and I have a feeling I will be making some changes to the areas I hunt this year. How about you? What are your plans? I'd love to get your feedback and hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The SoCal Bowhunter Review on #PROJECTELK

Last night, after dinner and with a cup of coffee, I went outside with my laptop and watched #PROJECTELK. I had been meaning to watch it for a while and then it slipped out of memory. As I was checking my email, I received a message from the RMEF saying that #PROJECTELK was now available FREE with your Amazon Prime subscription through Amazon Video. I jumped at the opportunity and watched it in full. I decided I would write up a short review for all of you...

Go watch it! That's my review. I'm not going to tell you all about it or give you a review. Seriously, you need to do that for yourselves. Take an hour and sit down and watch it. Soak it all up and let me know what you take away from it. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Press Release from Vortex: All-new Viper® HD Binoculars

NEW Viper HD Binoculars
If seeing is believing, you're about to believe. The all-new Viper® HD Binoculars are an optic masterpiece, giving hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts a premium option without the premium price tag.

The new short-hinge design makes for a great grip on your binos, while the size and weight make this one of the lightest full-size binos on the market -
A noteworthy attribute when gear consideration can be measured in grams.

Now included with every Viper HD, the GlassPak™ chest harness keeps your binos at the ready, while providing comfortable, protected, strain-free,
all-day carry.

The only two things that haven't changed with these all-new Viper HD Binoculars are the price, and the fact that they are 100% covered by Vortex's legendary, lifetime, unconditional, no-fault, transferable, VIP Warranty.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Finding Your Point Blank Range from HHA Sports

As a bowhunter, what is your point blank range? Not sure what I mean? Watch this very educational, and easy to follow, video from Scott Bakken at HHA Sports. I can't wait to try this!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Product Review: Rugged Meats

Let me preface this review by saying that I am a Quackenbush, which means this...I like to eat. When I am home and doing projects and such, I don't snack so much, but in a treestand or while hunting the SoCal forests, I like a quality snack. Chocolate melts, trail mix is good, but I get over that fairly quickly. I've been eating the Rugged Meats brand of snacks and sticks for a couple years and I have to say they have a permanent parking spot in my pack now. Rugged Meats offers some awesome tasty snacks that will leave you satisfied.

First off, the snacks are from made from feral swine right here in the U.S.A. No MSG, no nitrites, and they are gluten free. Packed full of protein, they fill you up and taste great. They aren't too salty, but have incredible flavor.

I have tried all of the flavors. I have my favorites, but I encourage you guys to try them all. We all have different flavors we prefer.

Original - My favorite flavor. This was hands down my favorite. (Before I wrote this review I ordered another big bag of sticks and bites.) Just enough spice and plenty of flavor to go around.

Sunrise - These are great for those who don't like spicy. This is my least favorite flavor. It's not bad, just a little too bland for me, but I know many who really enjoy this flavor. In fact, it really is great for a morning stick.

Grass-fed Beef Jalapeño - This tastes great and has a bit of heat. I like a bit more heat if it says jalapeño, but I understand why Rugged Meats did it. I don't think anyone wants to be hiking up a hill, eat a super spicy meat stick and continue hiking.

Snack Stick Bites (Original or Sriracha) - I urge caution with these as they will go fast! They are addicting and so darn tasty. I like the original over the sriracha, but the sriracha is a tasty nugget! 

If you want a quality snack for the backcountry, Rugged Meats snacks are it. They pack well  and don't need refrigeration. I also eat these as part of my lunch and when I am craving a snack. Instead of grabbing chips, or a candy bar, I grab one of these and it's great! Unfortunately, they go very fast! These come highly recommended from me. Delicious, good for you, and they are from feral pigs. Yum!

If you want to try some for yourself, I have a discount code for you! Type in quackmaster when you view your rucksack (cart)! It is good for 15% off of the entire purchase with the exception of subscribe and save items and anything that is on sale. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Archery Range Meetups and Keeping Your Cool

New bow hunters are usually quick learners and they simply need guidance and encouragement.  I encourage anyone and everyone to come out and shoot. It brings out the best in us and some friendly competition is good for you!

Just a few weeks ago, I got a message from a young gentleman I met at one of my seminars at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He wanted to see if I wanted to get together to shoot sometime. I told him, 'Sure!' We met up at the local range to not only practice, but get to know one another a bit. Another time, another seminar attendee brought his dad out to shoot. His dad is just starting out, but he did the right thing and shot many bows before choosing the one that fit him the best. We shot many rounds and had a great time getting to know one another. Plus, his dad nearly out shot us at the end of the day! That is some of the best time you can have. Practice as often as you can and invite your friends! Make it a friendly competition and see who can hit the smallest target at a distance. You may not be the best, but it will make you focus more. Also, bring your own target to the range. Typically, straw bales are not meant to withstand high powered compound bows and the arrows will embed in the rubber backstops. You'll thank me later. 

There can be a downside to shooting around many people and that is dealing with "that bow hunter" at the range. It can ruin a target session if you let it. You know the guy. He's been bow hunting for years, shoots deer at 140 yards with his recurve, and looks at your compound and says it's not set up properly (I kid you not, these were all said to me recently). What do you do? My response was to simply put on a smile and have a conversation. Try not to get defensive, but have some fun with the person. Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with such a gentleman at our local range. The banter was truly comical for a nearly ten minutes, until he reached for my bow and claimed it was set up improperly. Normally, it wouldn't bother me, but I was trying to help a new bow hunter shooting properly. Instead of getting overly upset, I pointed to the four arrows buried in the 4" circle of my Rinehart target 30 yards away. 'It seems to be working just fine for me,' I said. He wasn't amused, but smiled and abruptly left. It truly bothers me when other archers or bow hunters claim to be experts and start telling you what you are doing wrong or how your equipment should be set up. I keep to myself unless asked or I see someone doing something dangerous that can hurt themselves or someone else. I encourage you to do the same.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Introducing the Remington 870 Triggersafe!

Firearm safety is a topic of discussion everywhere I go. Whether it be at a Bass Pro Shops seminar, an NRA fundraiser, or online forum, the people I chat with all bring it up and have stories to go along with their comments. Accidents happen and that is why I continue to promote firearm safety. We all expect the person at the range next to us to be safe with their firearm. I've talked about Triggersafe at the Anteris Alliance Try & Buy and now it's time we talk about them again. They are stepping up their game, in a great way.

The Triggersafe on my AR-15 works great in making sure there isn't an accidental discharge. It protects the trigger from my finger getting in there and it also protects it from a twig, article of clothing, etc. How many of you own a Remington 870? Probably a good many of you! Hunting with an 870 is fun, exciting, and it is a great firearm to enjoy. Allow me to be the first (outside of the Triggersafe IG and FB pages) to introduce the Remington 870 Triggersafe (Patent Pending)! It is being developed in fluorescent orange and will be available sometime in June 2018. MSRP should be right around $9.00 per unit. Triggersafe will be taking discounted pre-orders in a few weeks as they roll out additional announcements. 

Do you guys have any questions for the folks at Triggersafe? Any comments? This is an open invite to hear what you guys have to say.

Great news! Triggersafe has offered a 15% off discount code for the AR15 version to my readers. Simply go to and at checkout put in discount code "SOCALBOWHUNTER" when asked for discount codes. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Range Day Handload Project

Saturday is Range Day! Well, it was Range Day. I ordered me up some fun last Saturday and was able to do some relaxed shooting with my friends Mike and Bill. I also field-tested the Impact Sport BOLT hearing protection from Howard Leight by Honeywell. They worked quite well and I have so say I was surprised and impressed. I have a few minor suggestions to improve them, but my ears were protected and that is what counts.

The main reason we went to the dessert was to begin testing our handloads. I am working on a reloading/handload project with different caliber California legal bullets and some different powders for California hunters. I'll be working on this for the next few months and if there is a bullet you'd like me to test, please let me know. I'll be loading copper rounds for .223, .270 WIN, and .300 WIN MAG. This is going to be a rad project for California hunters. I have three projectile manufacturers in mind (Cutting Edge Bullets, Barnes Bullets, and Nosler, Inc.). I'll go into the details of the reloads and testing in the next few months. 

To get a feel for some of my handloads, I shot my .270 handloads with the 130 grain Cutting Edge Bullets with 42 grains of H4895 powder. All five shots hit at the center of my steel gong at 135 yards. The copper marks in the center of the gong were lying prone. I did shoot a couple factory .270 lead rounds and copper .300 WIN MAG rounds for fun. I also toyed around with the Max Ordinate Precision Speed Challenge targets for rapid and controlled shooting. That was challenging and I need work, but I enjoyed it!

On my way out I was confronted with yet another Mylar balloon hiding under a bush. I hate them and they litter the landscape. I stopped my truck and snagged it. One less shiny piece of trash in the wilderness. Others have joined the fight and are entered into my monthly #MylarChallenge2018. Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for details. Some great prizes will be given away. The more you enter, the better the prize!

Now that I am back, it's time to put everything on paper, process some brass, and gear up for some seminars, banquets and gear reviews. Who will be attending the West Valley Friends of the NRA Banquet this Saturday? I'll be there with Bass Pro and hoping to meet as many of you as I can. If you will be there and want to chat, don't hesitate to come say hi! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SHOT Show 2018 - Industry Day at the Range Highlights

SHOT Show 2018 is over, but the chatter is still very much alive! There weren't a slew of new calibers being shown (with exception to the .224 Valkyrie). There were some new products that shined for many and others that didn't impress. Overall, we had a great time meeting with companies, talking with marketing managers, and hearing pitches. Most companies were much more receptive that last year and I think that's one of the things we anticipated. Instead of simply walking the floor, I made sure to book interviews and meetings with many companies. That paid off and I would recommend that to any newcomers. Here is what I was impressed with at Industry Day at the Range:

Springfield Armory 10mm TRP Operator- I had the pleasure of shooting this handgun and wasn't sure what to expect. Let me tell you, this delivers and then some. It looks sharp and cycles super smooth. It has a very light trigger and that surprised me in a handgun. I was impressed with the way it felt when shooting and how little recoil there was. If it were California compliant I would already have an order in for one.

Ruger 10mm Revolver - This six-shot revolver is powerful and accurate, but what else would you expect from Ruger? The wooden grip had been replaced with a more ergonomic rubber grip and that was a huge improvement. I don't care for the wooden grips on pistols. This one felt great and held true when firing.

Glock 19x - New grip, compact, and incredibly fun to shoot, the Glock 19x was a nice surprise. I haven't had the pleasure of shooting many Glocks, but the ones I did shoot have been great. This new handgun was no exception. Five out of five shots on steel and it cycled beautifully. Another one that is not California compliant, but that is the fault of Cali, not Glock.

Howa bolt action rifles - Always great things to say about the Howa rifles at Industry Day. Smooth action, bolt cycling was smooth, and the staff is always knowledgeable about not only the new products, but they remember last years as well. We had a great chat about all the rifles and I was not only impressed with the rifles, but also the people.

Excalibur Assassin Crossbow - The team at Excalibur was fun to shoot with and talk with. They were upbeat, having a great time, and went through the features of new Assassin Crossbow without missing a beat. They guided me and then had me cock and decock it. Great system and with 290# of draw weight it is a beast! We set up at 90 yards with a 5-10 mph crosswind. With a slight adjustment for the breeze, I pegged two-out-of-two balloons with ease. I had never shot an Excalibur before, but I am a believer now!

Mauser M18 RifleAs you can see, I was very happy after shooting the M18. Accurate, lightweight, and very affordable at $699.00. I bench shot and stood and shot, and I have to say that it was dead on and incredibly fun to shoot. Look for this one making more headlines this year.

Industry Day at the Range was great and I was able to make some great connections. I am already looking forward to 2019! Next up will be some of the exciting finds on the SHOT Show floor. It gets better!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gear Review: SneekTec SneekBoots

Images provided by SneekTec.

A successful stalk must be near silent. Have you ever tried sneaking up on an animal only to hear the sand crunching or branches crackling under your feet? Sure you can learn to walk quieter, but it is never as quiet as you need it to be. Some guys like to take their boots off and stalk in their socks and while it is effective, it can be very uncomfortable. What if I told you the best of both worlds are available? SneekTec SneekBoots are here and give you an edge on that silent stalk!

Hunting in California means mountains, dry brush, and sand. Lots of gravel and sand. Walking on any of these is noisy. I'm not a small guy, so I tend to make some noise when I walk. I've tried to put a stalk on a sandwich before and that failed. It heard me coming! No longer! For six months I have been testing the SneekBoots out and I am very impressed. SneekTec Boots are Berber fleece-lined pads that attach to your boots.

  • Thick Berber Fleece for optimal sound elimination and durability.
  • Non-slip bottom ensures safer, more secure ground connection.
  • 1" Industrial grade open cell foam with additional 1/4" closed cell foam in heel area.
  • Anti-bacterial treated fabrics eliminate scent created by ground bacteria or foot sweat.
  • Soft mesh carry bag with carabiner to attach boots to a pack.
  • Weighs 0.6 lbs! 

My first test was challenging and a learning experience. When I was first considered a review, I emailed SneekTec owner Jim Durfee. I wasn't sure which size to go with. He mentioned that with a 10.5 boot size, I may want to go up to the XL boot. The large size goes up to a 10.5, but he felt it might be tough to fit my boot in, so he recommended I also try the XL version to see which worked better. When they arrived I felt he was right, as I had a tough time getting my boot in the large. I tried out the XL and had no issues, but they were slightly loose on me. I tried the large again and figured out I needed to take my time and loosen up the cords properly. I recommend taking time at home to get them situated just right. Once that was done, I simply needed to find the best way to slip them on. After that each boot went on easily and fit snug.

Here comes the best part; SneekBoots are awesome! They are ultra quiet and easy to use. I first tested them on gravel and sand. I am a big-bodied individual and while I have great boots, being stealthy in them can be tough. Once I strapped on the SneekBoots I turned into a ninja. I was able to walk around ultra-quiet and not lose any mobility. A couple weeks later I tried walking on pine needles. Pine needles that have been baking in the sun for months! I was better off shuffling my feet that walking on top of the needles. I sat on a rock, slipped on the SneekTecs and tried again. I was truly amazed at how they muffled the sound and allowed near-silence as I walked. They did pick up some pine tar in the process, but that comes with the territory. They were still very quiet.

As I have said, I do recommend practicing putting them on and taking them off. The SneekTec Boots come in a black, mesh bag that cinches up. You can attach the bag to the outside of your pack or stuff the boots inside. I recommend finding a good spot where you can get to them easily, get them out and put them on your feet. It'll take a bit of practice. I would like to see the bag come in a camo pattern so the dark shape doesn't stick out so much (see image above).

SneekTec Boots retail for $64.99 and that may seem high, but consider the investment you make into scouting and hunting a particular animal. Consider the price of tags, gas, and incidentals. $64.99 could make or break a hunt. I highly recommend these to anyone who hunts in an area where a stalk is necessary. I loved how they performed and how incredibly quiet they made me. No matter where you hunt, if you put a stalk on an animal and get busted by the crunching under your feet, you'll wish you had these.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 Mylar Balloon Challenge!

I despise Mylar balloons. It seems like every time I go scouting I find at least one. When I hunt I also find at least one. Many times I find two or three. I deflate them and pack them to toss in the trash bin at home. It's awful for the environment, animals, and makes the landscape look like a sparkling turd.

Time for the 2018 Mylar Balloon Challenge! Each time you go out hunting, scouting, hiking, or fishing and find a Mylar balloon I want you to take a pic with it. To keep it fair, I want to see only pics from 2018, so I want to see you mimic my pose in the picture above. Be creative if you want, but a simple finger pointing and a scowl will do (have to do that to be entered). You also have to take the balloon with you and dispose of it properly. 

Post the pics on my SoCal Bowhunter Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #MylarChallenge2018 and then tag me in the photo (al_quackenbush). You have to follow me wherever you decide to post. Each month, I will go through the submissions and send out a small prize. Enter as many times as you like, but this is on the honor system. Keep it honest. I'll see how it goes each month and if we don't get any submissions for a particular month, I'll just add to the prize pack for the following month.

I am looking forward to some great photos of you conservationists getting out there and cleaning up our public lands! As a bonus, at the end of the year, I'll go through the submissions and send each a nice gift to each of the top three contributors for doing their part. Get out there and have fun!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Anteris Alliance Try & Buy 2018 Recap

If you haven't been to the Anteris Alliance Try & Buy you are missing out! Here is a recap of some of the products my team and I tested or saw at the show. If you want to know more about a particular company or product, let me know!

Triggersafe - My favorite product of the show. It is simple, effective, and each and every AR-15 rifle should have one of these. The Triggersafe protects the weapon from an accidental discharge, but also allows you to take it off quickly for a shot. They have a great pitch and the product demonstration was excellent. Really looking forward to seeing these on all AR-15 rifles and shotguns! The Remington 870 version is coming soon.

Frontier Tactical War Lock  - The team at Frontier Tactical developed a very cool system for the AR platform that allows you to swap out uppers very quickly and efficiently. The War Lock replaces the barrel nut and allows you to swap uppers (sometimes the bolt needs to change, too) and shoot over 90 calibers. You could say I was loving this system. The image above shows the "North American Hunting Package" which was impressive to see disassembled and all fitting in a backpack.

SinterFire - Frangibles are new to me, but after this demonstration I am a believer. We saw what they do from a handgun up close, in a box, but the big surprise was with the AR. Another gent and I were able to stand on either side of certified instructor and LEO Keith Porco as he fired rounds at three feet. It was unnerving, but a powerful message as to how well these perform.

Modern Spartan Systems - While I have not used this system on my weapon, I will be. This is NOT a gun lube. It actually changes the chemistry of the barrel to allow less friction, makes the rifle more accurate, and is supposed to reduce cleaning time drastically. If Charlie Melton uses it on his rifles where he shoots out to two miles then I can get behind it. I'll follow up on this one in the near future.

Hiperfire - The upgraded HIPERTOUCH triggers proved to be one of the most talked about in our group. We loved the back tension after the shot put on the trigger. The tension is distributed to your finger and you know the system is working. I opted for the semi-auto rifle vs. the auto, but I loved how the trigger performed.

MagBlock - If you ever go to the range with your AR-15 or shoot your AR around friends, you need a MagBlock. I mentioned them last year, and after again talking with Mike I believe everyone who owns am AR-15 needs one of these. I was able to see the bright orange from a way off, knowing that the rifle was safe on the table.

Charlie Mike Precision (CMP) - I spoke with Charlie Melton, the man who trained Chris Kyle, about his 2 mile shot with the .408 Tejas, which he had custom built. He briefly described the set up and the shot, plus the optics used. It was great to see him smile when talking about the amazing shot! They also offer some great long range courses around the country. If you want to learn from the best, check them out.

LaRue Cases - Chuck LaRue wanted to make a better case for firearms and archery equipment. His tenacity and background have allowed him to create a solid, resin/carbon case. While the prices right now are high, I think Chuck will be able to develop some new strategies to allow him to keep the quality up and lower the cost.

We did a fair share of walking and talking at the 2018 Anteris Alliance Try & Buy. After meeting some great people with some great companies,  we are looking forward to some gear reviews and also creating some solid partnerships for years to come.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thanks California! - Weatherby Relocates to Wyoming

In case you haven't heard, Weatherby, currently located in Paso Robles, CA, is moving to a more firearm friendly state. Good for Weatherby in making the call to get out of here and prosper. Thanks again to our California government for pushing out another business. This state is going downhill fast. 

Read the press release below for full details.

Press Release from Weatherby (Jan. 23, 2018): Firearms manufacturer Weatherby, Inc., is relocating its manufacturing operations and corporate headquarters from California to Sheridan, Wyoming, company officials announced today from SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the world’s largest annual shooting, hunting and firearms industry trade show.

The move is expected to create 70 to 90 jobs and more than $5 million annually in payroll in the next five years.

Outdoor recreation is an economic driver in Wyoming, and manufacturing plays a vital role in any economy, according to Shawn Reese, chief executive officer of the Wyoming Business Council.

“So, to bring those two things together – an internationally-known manufacturer of outdoor equipment headquartered in Wyoming – it will pay dividends, not only to Sheridan and northeast Wyoming, but this is a project of which the entire state should be proud,” Reese said.

Wyoming wooed the renowned gunmaker with its expansive access to unrivaled big game hunting, low taxes, industry-friendly environment, Sheridan College’s workforce training program and a comprehensive incentives package.

“We wanted a place where we could retain a great workforce, and where our employees could live an outdoor lifestyle,” said Adam Weatherby, chief executive officer. “We wanted to move to a state where we can grow into our brand. Wyoming means new opportunities. We are not interested in maintaining; we are growing.”

Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Business Council, the state’s economic development agency, began recruiting Weatherby a year ago.

“Wyoming is a great place to do business and is excited to welcome Weatherby to Sheridan,” Mead said. “For over 70 years, Weatherby has been an innovator in firearms design and manufacturing. The company will add to our manufacturing base and fit well with our diversification objectives.

“I thank the Wyoming Business Council, the Sheridan Economic and Education Development Authority, and all who helped bring Weatherby, Inc. to Wyoming.”

Weatherby called Mead’s enthusiastic support and accessibility a major asset for a company operating in a highly-regulated industry.

“From the get go, when we met the governor, he said, ‘Here’s my number, shoot me a text any time,’” Weatherby said. “He responds to our needs quickly, and it shows a business like ours is important to Wyoming and that it’s a big deal here.”

Business Council staff took Weatherby officials on tours of potential sites for their facility around the state following the initial conversations.

Sheridan stood out to Weatherby executives because of its access to both the outdoors and a skilled workforce.

“There are a lot of great places in Wyoming, but Sheridan stood out as a New West community that’s progressive and growing, with a vibrant downtown in the shadow of the Bighorns and a mild climate,” Weatherby said. “Sheridan College, which is growing its manufacturing and machine tool program, was also a deciding factor.”

Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young called Weatherby’s recruitment an example of the work it will take to diversify Wyoming’s economy.

“This is the direct result of years and years of visioning, planning and strategically investing in the things that matter for the future of our region,” Young said. “With the help of Whitney Benefits and others, we have been strengthening and growing our technical programs for this very reason, and we will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn valuable skills to secure a solid future.”

The Business Council worked with the Sheridan Economic and Education Development Authority (SEEDA) Joint Powers board to develop a $12.6 million grant package. SEEDA committed $2,283,074 in local match funds, of which $322,874 is cash. The other $1,960,200 is in-kind match for Lot 1 in the Sheridan High-Tech Business Park. The joint powers board will use the money to build a 100,000 square-foot building in the Sheridan High-Tech Business Park. SEEDA will own the facility and lease it to Weatherby.

Weatherby will invest an estimated $2 million in relocation expenses and cover all capital investment in the building and lot over the life of the 20-year lease, which is expected to be well over $4 million.

“We’re extremely excited to have this internationally recognized company choose Sheridan as their new corporate headquarters,” Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller said. “This relocation will translate to more skilled manufacturing jobs, an increased tax base and important economic diversification for our community and the region.”

Founded in 1945 by Adam Weatherby’s grandfather, Roy Weatherby, the family-owned and operated business has built a brand synonymous with quality craftmanship, a superior fit and finish and ballistic superiority.

The importance of family underlies much of Weatherby’s ethos.

“Our product is the main tool hunters use out in field. They may spend a lifetime trying to draw a tag or save for the hunt of their dreams, and we keep that foremost in our minds when we are building our guns,” Weatherby said. “This is an aspiration product; these are guns that are passed down from generation to generation.”

Friday, January 19, 2018

Birthday Celebration, Anteris Alliance Try & Buy, and SHOT Show 2018

Today I celebrate my birth and my life. In my 43 years, I would never have guessed that I would be more grateful to be alive as I am right now. After the October 1st massacre, I have learned a few things about myself, my family, and the world. I try not to take things for granted like I did (we all fall short), and I get up each day with a vigor to learn and soak up as much as I can. I get to enjoy waking up next to my wife every day, conversing with her, and loving her. I am privileged to be allowed to wake my daughter up for school, talk with her each morning and drive her to school. I am a very blessed man, so yeah, Happy Birthday to me!

I have been asked if my life and death experience in Las Vegas would change my view on firearms. Not on firearms themselves, no. I am still a firm 2A supporter and I love my weapons. They are fun to shoot and to hunt with. Hunting is my major passion and utilizing firearms is one piece to that puzzle. I think we have to do a better job of managing the purchase process, but I haven't the first clue on how to do it. I am always open to discussion on the topic, but understand that we may or may not agree, but we can still be friends.

This time last year, I was planning to attend my very first Anteris Alliance Try & Buy followed by SHOT Show. I had no idea what to expect at the Try & Buy and I had no expectations. For it's inaugural year, they did a great job! Now that 2018 is here and the Try & Buy is only two days away, I am seriously pumped. It is slated to be even bigger than last year. There will be more vendors, attendees, celebrities and more things to try out. Plus a little after party to cap off the day.

For my birthday, my wife wanted to know what I wanted. I told her 'to be able to go to SHOT Show and see all the new gear', talk to my friends in the industry, and get to shoot the different firearms. My blog has suffered a bit since 10/1/17 and I am really looking forward to some new content to share with you all. My main focus will be on hunting while I am there. Firearms to hunt with, ammunition, reloading, and components. I am eager to hear what the attending media thinks of some of the gear I have seen in press releases.

For those who are attending SHOT Show, here is my rough schedule on where I will be at certain times in case you want to meet up and chat. I'd love to meet you guys and grab a picture!

Monday – Industry Day at the Range – Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club

I'll be walking around here all day trying out new bolt-action rifles, crossbows and I have only one interview.

Tuesday – SHOT Show Floor

I have many places I want to visit in the morning. Many of them reloading companies.

Wednesday – SHOT Show Floor

I'll be heading back home on Wednesday afternoon, so if you want to meet up, don't hesitate to message me on FB, email me or call!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anteris Alliance Try & Buy 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Goals & Objectives for the SoCal Bowhunter

It has been a few years since I last posted some goals for myself or the status of the blog. That being said, where did 2017 go? Let's recap, shall we? The first 3/4 of the year flew by and the last 1/4 dragged a bit. I went to the first Anteris Alliance Try & Buy, attended SHOT Show for the first time and was added to the Bass Pro Shops Redhead Pro Staff. I also didn't post articles nearly enough and that weighed heavily on me this year. I focused more on my family more than hunting. My wife and I were at Route 91 in Vegas and had to run for our lives. I gained a great deal of weight and lost any desire to workout for many reasons. I lost my grandmother right before Christmas. Am I feeling sorry for myself? Nah, just stating facts and kicking 2017 to the curb.

Here are my 2018 Goals & Objectives for the SoCal Bowhunter:

  1. Write more than last year, and video more hunts and gear reviews. While people like to read, they enjoy videos more and more. I may add another publication or two to my writing list.
  2. Set up my reloading bench and get started reloading my own ammo at home.
  3. Offer some more hunting seminars at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and hopefully get some of the attendees out in the woods!
  4. Go to some fundraisers and game dinners. It's been nearly a decade since my last one.
  5. Practice much more with my bow. 2017 wasn't as fruitful as I would have hoped and I know my practice regimen was lacking.
  6. Get more sleep and workout like I would hunt. No excuses.
  7. Make more jerky! Is there such thing as too much jerky? I think not!
  8. Set up a 3D target day with my friends. I know a few guys who are eager to make this happen.
  9. Introduce a few more people to bowhunting and get them out hunting!
  10. Bow hunt for elk - either in Colorado or Idaho. Training started today as I am very much out of shape and really need to focus if I plan to hunt above 10,000 feet.
  11. Plan a hunt in Utah or Arizona! I'm not getting any younger.
  12. Bow hunt in New York with my family for whitetail deer.
  13. Put more trail cameras out and do more scouting!
There are a few changes coming from me that involve the blog, writing, and how I see things in 2018. I'll be sharing more as time progresses. Have you set any goals for 2018? If so, please share! I'd love to hear some of yours and wish you all a great 2018.