Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bass Pro Fall Classic - Meet the Local Pros Recap

The Bass Pro Fall Classic is underway and last weekend was the 'Meet the Local Pros' weekend. I was blessed to be able to share about archery, bowhunting, and optics through four seminars over the two days. What a great weekend!

Photo courtesy of Shannon Gauthier

In my 'How to Find a Big Buck Seminar', I was able to pass around the Diamondback 8x42s and the Razor HD 10x42s. I got some great feedback and explained why the Razors are better for California hunting because of the superb glass, wicked smooth focus knob, and the fact that you can glass in really low light with ease. The next thing you know,  guys want to try them out and before long they are buying them. I was trying them out over two days and with that I came to the conclusion that I really want to buy a pair, but not of the 10x42s. The Diamondback 10x42s are great (especially at that price), but those Razor HD 12x50s I tried are by far the best glass I have used. To be honest, they are the only 12x50s I have found I can use because my interpupillary distance is so narrow that most binoculars don't adjust far enough for me to comfortably see through them well. Kudos to Vortex for making that happen. I had no idea that a company made some high focus glass that I could actually utilize well!

The seminar that most attended was fine tuning your archery set-up. I was surprised and delighted at the same time. I had a great time talking with everyone about what is happening with their gear, how to adjust it for better shooting, and I shared many tips and techniques for dialing everything in well. If you think that is a seminar you'd like to attend, let me know and I'll set another one up.

I'll be posting up a review of the Diamondback 10x42s in the next couple weeks, along with the new tripod mount. I will tell you that I love the new tripod mount. We had some good in-store discussion about that, too. Already have a few guys looking to buy their own this week. Sweet!

I am planning on heading to the desert this Saturday to get my three rifles dialed in. All three have new Vortex scopes and are ready for action. Let the fun begin!

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