Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gear Review: Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod

Positioning your rifle properly is one of the keys to making a great shot. When it came to my AR-15 build and upgrades, I field tested multiple bi-pods and one stood out as the clear winner. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod lives up to its name of being heavy duty and has some excellent benefits. I have been shooting with the 6-9" rail mount model for the past few months with great results. 

The Sport Ridge 6-9" Rail Mounted Bi-pod was chosen due to wanting something fairly short to set up in an open field or rocky hillsides for hunting coyotes and also target shooting from the prone position. I was also on a budget and wanted to find something sturdy, easy to use, and reliable. I could have opted for the longer legs, but when it comes down to it, in those situations I will use a backpack or a tree.

First off, the Sport Ridge rail mounted bi-pod attaches directly to the picatinny rail of my AR with ease and locks solidly into place. It is pivot friendly with a solid locking mechanism if you want it to stay put (Low Profile Indexing Quick Lever™). Not only does it stay put, but when you want to it is super smooth to adjust. I was able to simply reach forward, adjust the lever and cant my rifle whichever way I needed to, lock the lever back down and shoot. It was that simple and easy to do. 

The springs on this bi-pod are wicked strong and really help the legs stay put when extended. I was impressed with how powerful the springs are. I have tried other name-brand bi-pods with powerful springs and they don't hold a candle to the Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod. When shooting, the legs stay anchored well and take a beating. The legs pop out and retract manually. I plopped my AR down on the bi-pod with the legs up and in, and with them out and extended to see how durable they were. The legs stayed put, held true, and functioned as specified.

At $82.00, this bi-pod is not inexpensive, but it is also not cheap. It is rugged, strong, and works well in any terrain. The Sport Ridge Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Bi-pod holds its own as a high-quality, tough-as-nails bi-pod. If you are looking to add a bi-pod to your AR or upgrade to a high quality bi-pod, choose the Sport Ridge and you'll enjoy hunting and shooting even more.

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