Monday, March 6, 2017

Recap: Anteris Alliance Try & Buy Event

Prior to SHOT Show 2017, my team and I made it to Vegas with a day to spare, and an invite to the Anteris Alliance Try & Buy event at the Pro Gun Range. I received the invite from Casey Betzold, President of the Alliance and we gladly accepted. The Anteris Alliance is a group of people and companies who are committed to supporting those who protect our country; military and law enforcement.

We had some issues finding the place due to lack of signage at the Pro Gun Range. No signs telling us where to go and no directions when we arrived. Once we snaked our way around, we found the parking lot. It was an easy stop into the pro shop to ask for directions, but knowing the directions prior would have been great. The event was the first for the Alliance, but I am certain it will continue and will grow into an even more. For the first time out I think they did a great job, had some great companies there, and got everyone involved. I liked the fact that we were able to sit and talk with whomever we wanted and everyone was down to earth.

Here are some of our favorite products and people from the show. 

Image used with permission from Falcon 37, INC.

Falcon 37 HABU MOD 1 AR charging handle: The HABU MOD1 is a unique and truly awesome charging handle. I tend to use large scopes for longer range shooting and I know that the scope can get in the way of the charging handle. My friend Bill mentioned that we was looking at them for his AR for that very reason. He lucked out and won a HABU in the raffle. Bill said that installation of the components was super easy and installation was a breeze. Best yet, when we tried out the HABU MOD1 at the range it was awesome. Bill is a lefty and I am a righty. The HABU MOD1 is ambidextrous, so it worked perfectly for both of us. It also fits over the butt stock and isn't impeded by the scope. I'll be looking at one of these for mine! They retail around $80.00. 

MagBlock, Inc: Mike McCarthy, an Army Veteran, and the man behind the MagBlock-RS RangeSafe unit is easy to talk to and when you hear his story behind how the RangeSafe came to be, well, you just have to get one. From an idea while deployed, he put the idea on a napkin and now has a great product. The RangeSafe is bright orange and when installed properly in an AR, it blocks off the magazine and you cannot engage the bolt. The weapon will not fire. The bonus is that you can see that the weapon is safe from yards away, which is great at the range. The RangeSafe retails for $29.97

Maker Bullets: Always on the hunt for quality copper bullets, I met up with the team from Maker Bullets. They showed us some of their selection of bullets and what damage their bullets would do as a hunting round. They showed us ballistic gel (from that morning) and the fragmenting of the bullets. As a bonus, the owner showed me a clients whitetail buck that was taken with his bullets out of a .270. The results were extraordinary. 

HIPERFIRE: After discussing the trigger assemblies and how they functioned, I was asked to shoot some of the rifles with HIPERFIRE triggers installed. The smooth, constant pressure on your finger forward AND back to reset was awesome. I liked both the EDT and 24C triggers, but I didn’t have a great deal of time to evaluate them on the range. I am looking forward to completing my own tests to see what the trigger pull actually is and which one I feel functions better. It’ll be a tough task because I thought both worked great.

We are already looking forward to attending next years event!

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