Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Product Review: ERGO Grips Picatinny and M-LOK Rail Covers

The 18-Slot Ladder Rail Covers not only work incredibly well, but look great, too!

A great thing about the AR-15 rifle is the ability to upgrade parts and make it work for you. When I was at SHOT Show, I spoke with Dennis Milinazzo, newly promoted COO and Director of Marketing for ERGO Grips about my upper and how the picatinny rails felt like they were cutting into my hand.  He handed me an upper with a similar configuration that had the ERGO ladder rail covers installed. What a difference! We discussed these in depth and I was intrigued.

My AR-15 before I added the Ergo Grips.

My AR-15 upper is an awesome one, but the picatinny rails sharply pressed into my hand the more I used it. I looked around for some rail covers and ERGO had some nice looking ones. I chose to install the ERGO 18-SLOT LOWPRO LADDER RAIL COVER™ (3 pack). I do think that ERGO should fix the description a bit on the website. A 'Single Pack' is actually a single rail cover. The '3 Pack' is actually three ladder rail covers. I also chose the M-LOK WedgeLok® Slot Cover Grips for another AR (not mine) so I could see how installation worked and if there were any issues. These come in a '4 Pack' and, like the rail covers, sizable. 

The M-LOKS function very well and allow a more secure, comfortable grip on your AR.

These can be cut down to fit exactly what you need on your rifle. I left mine at full length, but my friend Mike trimmed his M-LOKs down to fit his upper. These are a dream and fit very well. They snap on quickly, but they are tough to remove, so plan accordingly. You should lay the rail cover over the picatinny rails to get an idea before clasping them into place.

Mike says, 'After I figured out how to install the rail, it's awesome. The covers are excellent. Easy to cut and even have convenient arrows within the texture to show where to cut. The texture is amazing. They give a great, inviting tactile feel that is really nice against the bare aluminum.'

Close-up of the M-LOK WedgeLok Slot Cover Grips in place.

ERGO Social Media manager, Travis Boggus, has some great install videos on the ERGO YouTube channel. He recommends a little bit of oil be applied to the back of the covers before installing. I think that is a good idea, because they go on tight and if you want to remove them it can be tough. I had to use a screwdriver to pop them off because they hold so well! These are well designed and will last a long time.

The ERGO Grips 18-SLOT LOWPRO LADDER RAIL COVER (single) retail for $11.75 each, or for a 3 Pack they are $34.00. The M-LOK WedgeLok® Slot Cover Grips retail for $21.75. Now, I think the price is a bit high initially, but after using them for a while they are worth it, especially the Ladder Rail covers. For those of you with ARs that need some covers or simply want a better grip, I would highly recommend looking into ERGO Grips for an upgrade worth the investment.

I received the ERGO 18-SLOT LOWPRO LADDER RAIL COVER™ (3 pack) and the M-LOK WedgeLok® Slot Cover Grips from ERGO Grips in consideration for review publication. All opinions are strictly my own. 

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