Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recap: Bowhunting Deer in SoCal Seminar at Bass Pro

Last Saturday morning, I prepared for my Bowhunting Deer in SoCal Seminar at Bass Pro Shops like I do any seminar. I collect my thoughts, make some notes, and set up in preparation for a few people to discuss hunting in SoCal. Normally, I try to keep my seminars to 20-30 minutes and save time for questions after. What I didn't prepare for were the number of blog readers that actually showed up! (Thank you all!)

The chairs filled very quickly and more hunters showed up to stand and listen to what I shared. I won't go into everything I covered (you can come to a seminar for that), but it was a great experience. I had the great pleasure of sharing my knowledge and fielding numerous questions from new and experienced bowhunters alike. My one hour seminar was extended and continued on for several hours. Yes, it went over three hours! I wanted to be sure each question was answered as there were many great questions! I do apologize to the wives and girlfriends that had to wait patiently. I hope the attendees got as much out if it as I did. Thank you all for showing up and participating!

I want to thank Bass Pro Shops for inviting me to do the seminar. It was a pleasure and I always have a good time! I also want to thank Raptorazor and Badlands Packs for providing some top-of-the-line giveaway items. Many walked away with a brand new Raptorazor Mako or Big Game Skinner. Raptorazor went above and beyond with these items and for those that won, please go over to their Facebook page and thank them. One lucky bowhunter walked away with a Badlands Calor 1/4 zip in the new Approach pattern. He emailed me and mentioned he will be using it this deer season. Great to hear! I would guess that he's going to get hooked on that pattern. I hope all of you get to use the prizes you won and I hope to hear the stories of your success!

Next month, on October 22 at 2 PM at Bass Pro, I will be giving an Intro to Archery seminar. I'll have more details soon, but in the meantime mark those calendars!

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